Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here It Is

Happy 2009 everyone.

I hope that our fears fail to come to fruition. I hope that all of you have joy and happiness. I hope I win the lottery.

You Gotta Love This

I admit it, I have a thing for redheads anyway but you show me a REDHEAD WITH GUNS? Oh my.

The blog is funny and thoughtful and I wish I had found it sooner. Go read Brigid.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ya Gotta Love the Hypocracy

In my wanderings around the internet, I click on the occasional link that just pisses me off. The gun ban community has to be some of the most polished hypocrites in our country today.

On the one hand they accuse the NRA of fear mongering then with the other hand they bleat and whine about "cop killer" bullets and .50 caliber "sniper rifles" capable of knocking down small airplanes or blowing up chemical plants. Then they cry about all the children killed by senseless gun violence but ignore the even more children killed by senseless swimming pool violence.

They want to scare you shitless. It's just that simple. Their entire plan is to scare the public into banning all guns because the guns are evil. The guns are whispering to you in your sleep and ordering you to kill. If you won't cooperate, then the gun will just have to go out on it's own and kill someone. Sweet Shiva what a crock.

Do you jackasses have any clue whatsofuckingever, how difficult it is to hit a moving target with a .50 Barrett? That thing is 4 to 5 feet long. You just can't swing it that fast. Then the computation of lead, mind just boggles. An Olympic caliber shooter probably couldn't do it. Even if you did, it's a hole about a half inch across. Even a civilian aircraft can take that, hell they can run over a seagull and keep flying and trust me, a seagull is a hell of a lot bigger and heavier than a .50 round. The terrorists use them? Give me a fucking break. You're gonna hide a 4 foot long 30 pound weapon in a bhurka? Are you fucking kidding me?

So tell me Mr. Gun Banner, how many .50 caliber rifles have been used in crimes? Want the answer? Of course you don't, you don't want anyone to diminish your opportunity to scare the hell out of the uninformed. The only .50 caliber weapons that are used in crimes are being used in the crimes that YOU are attempting to commit. The destruction of my right to keep and bear arms. You need to take a look at the quote from George Washington that is on the top of this blog.

Assault rifle. A name that will live in infamy. These people just have no clue. They've probably never even held one, let alone fired one. For the ones who haven't already seen this on any one of a hundred other places, I'll say it here.

An Assault Rifle is a military rifle capable of being fired in full automatic mode, which means that once the trigger is depressed, the weapon will continue to fire until it exhausts it's ammunition supply, and can be carried easily by a soldier. The DPMS Sportical rifle that I have is NOT an assault rifle. It is a semi automatic rifle that looks like an M4. Semi automatic means that when the trigger is depressed, the firearm fires ONE round. Looking like an M4 does not an M4 make. I look like a teddy bear, but I'm not as snuggly as you think I am.

The Brady crowd keeps pushing for what they call "common sense" gun control. They should stop after common sense. Common Sense would tell you that there are hundreds of laws on the books right now. All of which, are being ignored by criminals. What we have doesn't work, what you want won't work. What needs to be done is to enact some common sense criminal control, but we already have that, it just needs to be upheld. Common Sense would tell you that every mass shooting in the world today is happening in gun free zones. You're disarming the general population very well but doing nothing to disarm the criminals. The bitch of that is that it's already a crime to use a gun while committing a crime so you see, it's just not working.

Gun Show Loophole...there is NO GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE you festering pile of shit. If you knew what you were talking about then you'd know that the people who have tables at gun shows are federally licensed gun dealers and that they are REQUIRED to perform a background check on anyone to whom they sell a gun.

See the hypocracy in action here? If all else fails we can SCARE our way to a ban. It works so well in the rest of the world ya know. We can't stop now, we can't let facts get in the way. We'll scare the people to believe that only the extremeists want to fight gun control.

Concealed carry. Oh yeah, they're breaking their tiny little nutsacks to demonize that too. You remember the same tired blood in the streets, just like Dodge City bullshit that creeps up every time a new concealed carry measure gets considered. Hell, they don't even change the wording, just the city or state name. I bet they have a stock press release you can just download it, fill in the blank and send it out as your "statement". Then of course, you want to bleat about "vigilante" justice. Let me pull out a Dictionary and get you the definition of vigilante:

vig·i·lan·te           Listen to the pronunciation of vigilante
Spanish, watchman, guard, from vigilante vigilant, from Latin vigilant-, vigilans
: a member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate) ; broadly : a self-appointed doer of justice.

Take the time to notice how it has been morphed away from it's original meaning which was watchman or guard. The broad definition is the one commonly mis-used. Self Defense is a right conferred upon each human being AT BIRTH. It is THE primary right you have. Self Defense is NOT vigilante justice. We are not looking for trouble. On the other hand, we're not going to piss all over ourselves when trouble comes to us. We take our own well being pretty seriously to jump through all of the bullshit we have to to even get the license required to carry concealed. The fact we have the thing with us does not transform us into raging monsters looking to shoot random people, but to defend ourselves against the raging monsters.

One of the first things to do is to come to grips with the fact that you cannot ban your way to safety. Then you need to stop wetting your panties because someone "might" have a gun. Then, you might learn a few real facts. Violent crime drops everywhere that citizens have rights. In places where the subjects have no rights, violent crime is rising. Shops in England are selling knife resistant school uniforms to children, Guns are banned. The Mumbai attacks, Guns are banned. Violent crime skyrocketing accross Australia and New Zealand, Guns are banned. Crime rate in south Florida drops, citizens have guns. Crime rate in Texas dropping, citizens have guns. You beginning to pick up a pattern here sparky? Probably not because you're sheep. You abhor the sheepdog, you don't want him around, until the wolves come, then it's too late because you banned the sheepdog.

Merry Christmas..Navy Style

I saw this over at the United States Naval Institute blog and after reading that for a few moments, it has earned a link here. It's no secret that I was in the Navy and damn proud of it. I remember we used to go to some pains to decorate for the Christmas Season. I see that tradition is held up nicely. Well done brothers and sisters.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some Have It Worse

In my daily read over at the Anti Idiotarian Rottwieler, I stumbled upon this extremely well written little bit about the tyranny happening down under. You may want to read it and be prepared. The looney left will not come right at us over gun rights. They'll try to sneak in the back door with all kinds of new taxes to make it too expensive to shoot the gun or too intrusive to go through the registration process for either the gun or the ammo.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

That's Funny!

In fact, it's so funny, I have to do the old Copy and Paste thing. If you don't read Tam on a regular basis, you're missing something truly special.

It is ten frickin' degrees Fahrenheit out there right now, with a wind chill of... well, I don't even want to think about it. Today's high is supposed to be a balmy 14F. I want to speak to Al Gore right this instant; my global warmening is defective. I was promised Palm Beach-like weather (with the special bonus of the drowning of New York and Boston!) and it's not happening fast enough to suit me.

Now, I know my readers in Frozen Moose Sac, Alaska and Tlkkjjjmkkjjko, Finland are getting a kick out of my whining because what I call "soul-destroying, mind-numbing, bone-cracking cold", you call "November", but at least I won't have to hear any more "You can't be cold; it's not even winter yet!" 'cause you know what? It's officially winter as of today.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Stopping Power

Ah yes, I also shall chime in on this subject. Now I realize that I'm trying to follow The LawDog on this and that he's probably wiser than I but I'm going to put it into my own words and let the chips fall as they may.

Let me ask you a quick question. Do you know why the military uses the calibers that they do? Wounding. You see, the military uses the thought process that it takes anywhere from 2-4 soldiers to remove 1 casualty from the battlefield. The dead, they leave. so you see, military weapons are not the best benchmark to use when discussing stopping power.

The battlefield is a completely different arena than the street. On the battlefield they throw out 100's of rounds to achieve a few hits. You can't do that on the streets. so what it all comes down to is shot placement. On the street, it's not enough to shoot at the assailant, you have to hit them and hit them in a spot that makes them fall down. On the street, you shoot to stop the threat.
At the end of the day, bullet size, weight and speed aren't as much of a factor as dead accurate hits.

Example, my primary concealed carry piece is a Springfield Armory 1911 A1 in (drum roll please) 45 ACP. I can throw 7 rounds quickly into a fist size area accurately at 15 feet. Now contrast that with Joe Blow who carries the Ubercruncher 9000 in 650 magnum but can't hit the broadside of a barn. Who wins here? My back up carry is a Bersa Thunder in .380. It's easier to carry in the summertime. But shot placement is critical with a round like that. I would actually shoot lower with that than the 1911.

So if shot placement is the real "king of the fight" then where does one place said shot? Well a good sure take down is a round through the pelvic girdle. Yep, shoot them in the crotch. Here's why. The pelvic girdle is the primary weight bearing structure for the lower body. If you can collapse that, the assailant goes down...and stays down. And to be honest, since most defensive firearm uses end about the time you froggy do you think Mr Bad Guy is gonna be when you aim dead at his twig and berries? I bet not at all. Guys are kinda protective of that region. The size of the gun/round will no longer matter, all he's gonna see is your gun, under an evil grin, aimed at his testes. You can now aim at the wet spot. Now look at something else here.

I call this my "modified" Mozambique Drill. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking about this either. The Mozambique Drill involves 2 rapid shots to center of mass (usually the center of chest) followed by one aimed round to the head. This was developed to stun an opponent wearing body armor. Nice trick, but you lose all of your fine motor skills in a high stress situation so as you shoot, your gun muzzle will naturally rise. So the modified Mozambique Drill puts the first round into the pelvic girdle, the second, using the natural muzzle rise, goes about center of chest and the third can be aimed to the head. If they're still standing. The advantage? Look at the common types of body armor and tell me what they cover. Heart and lungs. No protection for the twig and berries.

Cruel? Maybe. Effective? You bet your ass. And you will be too as you've been thrust into a position where you're defending yourself or your loved ones from immediate harm. It's not the time to start worrying about being PC or showing mercy. It's time to stop the nonsense and right fucking now! Put the goblin down as hard and fast as you can. Remember this though. With the Mozambique Drill, the third shot is fired only if the first 2 don't work. Stop not necessarily kill. The first 2 are rapid fire, the third is a slower, more deliberate shot. If you don't need number 3 because the first 2 stopped him, then you need to hold the 3rd shot.

There is absolutely NO way to achieve this with out training and training and more training. I say, you should shoot as much as you can afford to. I like to shoot at least 100 rounds per gun, per session. I like to shoot and I do it as much for stress relief as I do for training. Don't neglect off hand shooting either. Trust me, I hate shooting offhand, but it is a necessary skill to develop. Another good skill to develop is shooting on the move. Not really possible where I shoot. In fact, I think there is a terrible shortage of places where you can do this kind of training so I think that in order to develop some of this, I'm going to try some local 3 gun matches this summer. I think it might be valuable training and it just looks fun. Truth be told, I want to shoot some steel plate matches too. Speed and accuracy training in a fun environment. I got to shoot in my first PPC type shoot in early November and it was pretty fun. I asked the guy in charge about maybe doing some 100 yard AR work for the next one as well as the pistol and he was very receptive to it.

Dammit, I did it again, I wandered off topic.

Practice as much as you can afford to. If even only 50 rounds a payday, it's still practice time that you will need if it all goes into the crapper some dark night. Remember this always...under stress, one will not rise to the occasion but will default to one's level of training. Train to stay alive. One more least in my opinion, make sure your practice ammo is the same weight as your carry loads. I shoot 230 gr hardball for practice because I shoot 230 gr JHP's for carry so the bullet hit point is going to be pretty much the same. It works for me anyway.


In my wanderings through the internet, I make it a habit to read all of the blogs in my blogroll daily. It's my way of letting them know I still love them. I especially enjoy The LawDog and many of the things he says or recommends, I take to heart or at least give serious thought to.

He has recommended another LEO blog called Observations of an Old Cop, which I shortened to Old Cop to fit in the list. Yep, you guessed it, I put the man on the Blogroll because it's just good thoughtful stuff and I'll bet that as he stays on longer, it will just get better.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gun Control

I feel the need to comment on this topic. Partly because guns are something I like talking about anyway and partly because this is a topic where so many fail to understand simple reason. Let's start with this article by Ron Paul.

Tragically, over the Thanksgiving holiday, the world was reminded how evil and cruel people can be. According to emerging accounts of the events in India, about a dozen well-armed and devastatingly well-trained terrorists laid siege on the city of Mumbai, killing almost two hundred people, and terrorizing thousands.

Right, now let's take a look at the key here. A dozen terrorists in a gun free zone. India is, after all, a gun free zone. Now, this is, in and of itself, India's choice as a nation. The Brits disarmed them to keep them from rising up and overthrowing British rule. They never changed the law after they became independent.

Gun control advocates tell us that removing guns from society makes us safer. If that were the case why do the worst shootings happen in gun free zones, like schools? And while accidents do happen, aggressive, terroristic shootings like this are unheard of at gun and knife shows, or military bases. It bears repeating that an armed society truly is a polite society.

That, right there, is exactly the little bit of common sense that the gun banners are missing. I don't know why either. It's so painfully obvious that it makes one want to cry. This is how obvious it is:

Everyone knows that schools and universities are gun free zones. It's illegal to have a gun there. Now, some idiot walks in with a gun and shoots a bunch of people. What is the first thing that happens? Some moron starts calling for new gun laws. There's already a law dumbass, this guy didn't care enough to follow it. What fuckin good are more laws going to do when the original one was ignored?

Now hold on a second there Mr or Ms. Bradyite. Don't let the vein in your forehead pop just yet.
Let's take a look at the history of things prohibited. Wanna start with the prohibition of the 1920's? I have a better idea...let's look at the prohibition or alcohol in the 20th century worldwide, I can do this thanks to Wikipedia.

The first half of the 20th century saw periods of prohibition of alcoholic beverages in several countries:

Gee, none of those countries still ban alcohol do they? I wonder why? Well, in the United States it was because prohibition created an enormous black market. What do you think would happen with guns? Same thing, the biggest difference is that now, a known criminal has to go through a bit of trouble to get a gun, with a huge black market, they'd actually be easier to get and no pesky ID checks.

Now take a look at Chicago. This is one of your "gun free utopias" More citizens killed by guns over the summer than troops killed in Iraq. Washington DC, murder capital of the world for cities of it's size. The similarities between the cities? Unarmed citizens...or should I say, subjects. You can't ban your way to safety. The criminals don't care about the law. The only people you hurt are unarmed, defenseless (thanks to you) citizens who do obey laws. You use emotion to hide the fact that you have no facts. You play on the fears of parents about the huge threat of gun violence and how guns could kill their kids when in reality, swimming pools and cars kill more kids each year than guns do. How about some common sense swimming pool control? How about a car free school zone? You want to sue a gun maker because someone uses that gun in a manner not intended by the maker, but I don't see you suing the car companies for every drunk driving death. The car company never intended to have their product used that way. What swimming pool company builds a pool to drown kids? None of course, but it happens with far more regularity than a child death caused by guns. You don't sue the swimming pool company.

The right to feel safe is not included in the constitution. You don't feel safe, you make yourself safe. You take precautions. You plan your route. You carry a gun for the same reason you carry insurance. God forbid you ever need it, but you'll be damn happy to have it if you ever do.

Stop trying to ban guns. No one is asking you to carry one, you can hide behind those who do. Stop pretending that the police are infallible. Do I have to remind you about the YouTube video of the DEA guy?

Or how about this fine lady officer?

Stop pretending that only the military and police should have guns. Most importantly, learn to read and read well. Read your history. If you took the time to do that, there would no longer be any question about the intent of the founding fathers. They documented their thoughts very, very well.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Cards

I'm going to do something different this year and I hope that you'll join me in it. I'm going to send a bunch of Christmas Cards to random soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital. If anyone can get me an address, I would appreciate it.


I'm still seeing lots of folks out there talking about how they intend to handle a possible national gun grab by the messiah. I have no argument with the sentiment behind this, My problem with it is each individual saying something along the lines of "my line in the dirt is here" and that's well and good. I believe that each of us needs to make that decision after careful consideration.

We're at least discussing the possibilities concerning what we might do should the ballot box and soap box fail. What would each of you do should the bullet box become necessary? For me, I pray it will not. I don't really want to start the fight, but I have no intention of walking away from it either. Like many of you, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. I'm gonna be honest, I'm not politically correct (spit, spit) I consider anyone I see wearing Arab style dress to be a potential enemy.

I said potential. I don't think we should kill every Arab on the planet. Just the ones that wanna yell allah ackbar before they blow up a busload of children. Do I think we should subject Arabic males to increased scrutiny? You're damn right I do. Is that "profiling"? Yes it is. Do I care? Not one damn bit. Here's the deal Johnny Jihadist, if I see you in my hometown and you're putting an object next to the road that could be an IED, guess what? I'm going to pull out my trusty 1911 and put a 230 grain JHP through your towel. If I happen to have my DPMS with me, you get a 5.56mm FMJ delivered the same way at 3100 FPS and you know what? I'm not gonna lose 1 second of sleep over it.

Aw shit, look at how far off topic I've wandered. Working all night is not conducive to clear and concise postings in the morning. Back on topic.

What to do if the Obamessiah decides to go after the guns.

One man, 2 men cannot stand. If we're going to have to employ the last ditch option of the bullet box, we need to do so as a group. We need to get ourselves gathered into one place with one goal and become once again, the citizen militia that our founding fathers envisioned defending the constitution. We need a national voice to say "we shall gather at this place and defend our constitution and way of life.

I personally would like to see the State of Texas secede from the union and become the Republic of Texas. Guess how fast my fat white ass would defect?

What I'm saying, in my really tired rambling way is this. If any of us are thinking of really fighting this with actual arms, then we must band together. We must present an overwhelming united front. Talk is good. The soapbox is still our best option right now. Should that fail, we need to unite in one physical place and stand our ground together or we shall surely hang seperately.

See? The words of the founding fathers are just as true right now as they were then. Let's make them proud.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today is the day that most of us have been dreading. Kim du Toit is retiring from blogging today. His comments will be open until midnight then he's all done. You may want to go over and wish him well. The internet will shrink quite a bit at midnight.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I Am Jealous

I just finally got around to watching the video of the Gun Blogger's Weekend with Todd Jarrett. Man, am I ever jealous. That looked like so much fun. I would love to have the opportunity to do that some day. The video is here if you want to check it out for yourself.

I wish that kind of facility was more common. None of the ranges I shoot at will let you do "shoot on the move" type stuff and that's really the kind of thing you need to work on.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Junk Science and Guns

So I'm reading over at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler and I run into this. It discusses the global cooling/warming hysteria started by the socialists then moves over to their welfare and gun confiscation agendas.

At the end of this, the author asks "how far are you willing to let them go?" which is a really great question and each needs to ask it of him/her self. Now I want to ask this question...If you've decided to draw your line in the sand at "X" point, then what happens when "X" point arrives?

See here's the thing that I see as the problem. We gun owning, constitution loving Patriots just aren't organized. We don't have a "central committee" if you will, that says "if "X" happens, a new civil war will begin (perhaps 2nd American Revolution is more appropriate) and we the people shall gather at this place". We don't have that and when just one or maybe 2 patriots stand up, they're going to be labeled as nut jobs by the press and written off. And probably carted off by the local morgue.

When do we organize? Where would we go? Has anyone thought of this? Even in the 1770's local militias were set up and organized, we aren't and if we were going to rise up against the tyranny that may yet be to come, we would have to be organized and ready because individuals would not prevail here, only an organized group.

So, pick your point at which you will no longer bend, but keep in mind that if we haven't organized yet, you may well be alone. I hope not, but, what would happen if the ball went up right now? We're all still in the pissing and moaning stage. We'd all be isolated and unable to support one another. Should we consider changing that? I don't know, wiser people than I will have to contemplate that.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Any who read this blog know that I was in the Navy and that I am very proud of my service. Some may not realize how very proud I am of anyone who has / is serving now.

Among the absolute cream of the professional crop are these guys, who need damn little introduction. Just watch the video, wipe away the tears and just say DAMN.

H/T Blackfive

Friday, November 07, 2008

This is cool

I just spotted this over at Common Folk Using Common Sense and since I thought it was so appropriate, I decided that a bit of the old cut and paste was in order.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

And So It Begins

Well, the Sheeple elected the Socialist. Sean Hannity is already calling it "Conservatisim in Exile" I say FUCK THAT. Let's be conservatism right in their faces. Let's not allow them to take a single step towards socalism without a fight. Why should we go into exile? Why should we just crawl off? Now is most definitly NOT the time to do that. Now more than ever, we need to be out on the front lines and writing letters (make them polite) and demanding that these people listen.

Sure, the Obamessiah won, but take a look at the popular vote. It was close. It was not an overwhelming majority. I also think that many who voted for the socialist were not voting for him as much as they were voting against Bush. I also truly believe that many of them voted based soley on race and have no clue as to the issues at stake. 44% of America knew the issues.

So, there's no reason for conservatives to hide under a rock. We need to make our voices heard loudly and clearly. Remember, there are 3 boxes in the political process, the soapbox, the ballot box and the bullet box. We fucked up the ballot box option. The soapbox is still a very valid option at this time. While I did buy a new DPMS M-4 variant yesterday and getting more toys every week, I would like to avoid the bullet box option.

Now more than ever, it is time to remember that this is a representative republic and we need to make those elected weasles answer to We the People.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is kind of cool, the lid popped off of the jar that has been holding back my rants.

I want to bitch about taxes too. I'll lay out the reason for this.

I just had the pay period from hell. This eclipsed the previous pay period from hell by 20 hours. Anyone want to explain to me why I brought home the same amount of money? WTF is this? One works overtime for 2 reasons. 1. to make MORE money 2. He/She has no choice because their employer says so. One should be rewarded with a bigger paycheck after putting in a bunch of extra time tied to the grindstone.

I lost 700 dollars to taxes! WTF? That's a whole goddamn paycheck to some folks and I lost it to fucking taxes. That's bad enough, but the nature of one of these taxes really pisses me off. City income tax.

I understand that some cities have an income tax. My issue with the thing is that I am not a resident of this particular city. I just work there. So what you're telling me is that I have to pay "tribute" to you for the pleasure of working in your city? Whatever happened to taxation WITH representation? As someone who is NOT a resident of your city, where's my representative? Isn't this the kind of shit that started the American Revolution?

I think I'm going to write my Congresscritter and suggest a couple changes to the tax code that will really help the American worker and maybe, if anyone actually reads this, we could get a national movement going here.

1. Abolish income taxes on any hours worked over 40 in a week. That way, the overtime earned actually goes to the tax payer giving him or her more money to spend thereby relieving many of the economic issues which face this country. can only tax my first 40 hours, so if I work say can't tax the 20 hours of overtime. That money goes to me and trust me, I'll spend it somewhere.

2. Abolish the ability of a city government to withold an income tax on a worker that is not a resident of that city. I shouldn't have to pay "tribute" to you in order to work there. I'm only there 8 hours a day, why should you be able to tax me? It's not like you plow the damn roads in the winter anyway, bastards.

Lower taxes means more money to the people who will spend it and more spending means better economic times for everyone. Listen close left wing fucktards, if you raise taxes on businesses, the businesses will up their prices accordingly to make up for revenue lost to said taxes. In short, if you raise taxes on businesses (like oil companies) they're going to raise prices and fuck all of us. Morons.


I very rarely ask for any advice here, mostly because I doubt anyone actually reads this, but I need to make an exception.

I think by now, anyone who does read this knows that my primary carry gun is a Springfield Armory M1911-A1 Mil-Spec. I shoot as often as my budget allows and I have a few thousand rounds through the gun.

My problem goes like this. A guy at work is putting on a charity PPC shoot to benefit a Police Dog who has been retired due to doggie cancer. The proceeds from the shoot will assist in the vet bills for treatment. A most worthy cause, IMHO. I have done the Google thing and looked up the course of fire for a PPC shoot (which I shall rant about seperately) and the question becomes this.

I train for a real world hostile encounter. This means that my maximum shooting distance is 15 feet. How in the hell am I supposed to hit a target at 50 yards with a 1911? A standard B27? Can I even see that at 50 yards? Center of mass? You must be joking.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I'll be shooting MagTech 230FMJ's if you care.

Oh yeah, if you're in Michigan and you want info for the shoot, let me know and I'll forward it to you.


Tell me why the Lame Stream Media puts so much stock in polls? I don't get it. They ask 500 people for an opinion and then consider that gospel. What it really is, is crap.

Let's take a peek at this, shall we?

500 people are asked who should be the next president of the United States. 46% say BHO and 43% say McCain with 13% undecided. Suddenly the LSM (Lame Stream Media) go all out to say how BHO is winning and will be the next Prez. Now hold on a second here bunky.

Just for the sake of comparison, let's say there are 200,000,000 voters in the USA. I'll yank some numbers out of my ass to make it comparable to an actual LSM poll.

Now, according to my calculator, which may be wrong because I'm so busy being bitter and clinging to my guns and religion, this is roughly equal to 0.0000025% of the population. Now, would someone please explain to me how this really tiny percentage indicates a meaningful sample of American opinion?

How the hell can you take a percentage that is so small as to be ridiculous and pretend that it means anything?

Look boys, a quick lesson here. The ONLY poll that matters for shit is the one that happens in November. Untill that one is in, do us a favor and just admit that everything you say is either wishful thinking or a wild assed guess.

Oh yeah, and stop pretending that it means something.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hijacking The High Road

You should see this article. Apparently the gun blog The High Road has been hijacked and Oleg Volk needs your help to get it back.

Monday, September 22, 2008


A co-worker loaned me all 5 seasons of Babylon 5 and I finally finished watching them last night. As I got down to the last 2 episodes, I began to wonder. While I contemplate this for myself, I would like to pose the question to all who read this and maybe we can actually get a comment or a (gasp) discussion going on here.

If you knew with absolute certainty that your life would end 20 years from today, how would you live your life from that point on?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I would have written something profound, but by the time I got up out of bed, I see my fellow bloggers have done it already and probably with more style. Just take a trip down my blogroll and see for yourself.

Today marks the anniversary of a black day in American history. Remember it well. Remember the dead and injured. Remember those who still hurt for the loss of loved ones. Remember the bastards that did it and those who are still exacting retribution.

Wahabism Delenda Est

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Monster under Obambi's Bed


H/T Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler

Are You Ready? Are You?

Regular readers will recognize this as something I do from time to time. Usually, I do it closer to the beginning of the Spring Tornado season, but with a couple big storms, one of them a hurricane, bearing down, now might be a good time to mention it again.

Preparedness. You see, there are way too many people out there that think that people who think about survival issues are nuts or psycho militia members waiting for the next war to start. Obama Bin Laden...oops, I mean Osama bin Laden is NOT your only threat. Just take a quick trip over to the website for the National Hurricane Center for a great look at what I'm referring to. Talk to some residents of Oklahoma City about the F-5 tornado that tore through. Nature can and will pose a much more immediate threat than terrorism (Unless people actually manage to elect the Obamessiah).

You see, your safety and survival in the event of a disaster, either man made or natural, is YOUR responsibility. There's that nasty "R" word that the Democrats would like to erase from the language. A government agency like FEMA, is NOT there to keep you safe, they exist to clean up the mess. You want to survive? Don't be part of the mess.

First thought:

Take a couple courses over at the FEMA website. Anyone can take them, they're free of charge and there's some good information there. I took them.

Second thought:

Go read this. H/T Blackfive

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Stuff

You may have noticed that I put a new "NoBama" type widget in the right sidebar. What I did was to join 2 images that I picked up at various sites around my blogroll. I wish I was smart enough to have created one or the other, but since I wasn't, I'm glad I was smart enough to photoshop them together to make 1 killer image.

I would give the appropriate hat tips, but I have now forgotten where I got them and I don't think I ever did know who made them originally. I hope whomever it is won't mind me using them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I want to say how impressed I am with the Olympic athletes. Our guys and gals have done a wonderful job. While it's very unlikely that she'll ever see this, I do want to talk to (about) one of them in particular. The very lovely and extremely talented Alicia Sacramone.

First off, you just feel free to spit in the eye of any "journalist" who criticizes your performance. Feel free to ask them when was the last time they were an Olympic athlete and on that world stage feeling that pressure. Then kick them in the balls and move on. Unless they don't have balls. While I'm on that subject...Andrea Joyce should just accept a big steaming cup of STFU. You're a career journalist, you've never even been an Olympic caliber athlete. Sure, Alicia had a bad day, but you've never even been there you sanctimonious bitch. She at least made the team, which is a hell of a lot more than you will ever be able to say. The very same can be said about (or to) Jeff Metcalf of the Arizona Republic. Both you two need to remember this, you may be there on press credentials, Alicia had to EARN the right to go, which she did. You're just taking up space which could have been used to store tampons for the women who earned their places.

Second and quite possibly most important is this thought for you.

OK, you didn't have the Olympic performance you dreamt about as a child. My question to you Alicia is...what are you going to do about it? The next Olympics is only 4 years away and you'll only be 24. You have 4 World Championships between now and then. I wouldn't want to give it up after a performance I knew wasn't my very best.

Here's my advice to you. Take a couple months off and go be an attractive 20 year old female. Hang with your friends, play on the beach and just take life easy. Then come back with a vengeance and prepare for the next World Championships and destroy your opponents. Then take it from there. If you want to quit, you can do it knowing you gave it your all and won, if the fire is still there, then do it again next year.

This is all really easy for me to say, I'm just a beer league goalie. The only pressure on me is making sure the beer is cold after the game. I just hate giving up on a negative note. I hope you'll come back better, faster and stronger than ever.

Friday, August 15, 2008

This is just too good

Not to repost here. I was reading over the Rott and found this little message and it's just so dead on that I have to put it here. H/T to the Rott.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Some of you may have noticed that I keep a picture of the decorations I earned while serving in the Navy. Some of you may have noticed that the picture is different now than the original was. I was just now thinking that I should probably explain this.

I found a site called and I found that you can use this site to get your unit awards. I already knew my personals, the 3 sea service awards, but I had no idea that my first ship had gotten so many others. Since I do believe in trying to be as accurate and truthful as I can and because I happen to be very proud of my service, I decided to update the photo.

For those not familiar with Navy ribbons:

Top Left is the Meritorious Unit Commendation with a star denoting a second award (I didn't know about number 2).

Top Right is the "Battle E" 2 Awards (I knew this one).

Bottom Left is the Navy Expeditionary Medal With 2 stars denoting 3 total awards (I didn't know about the stars).

Bottom Center is the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (I didn't know I had this one).

Bottom Right is the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with 2 stars denoting 3 total awards.

Last but certainly not least. A photo of the place I earned all but the second star on my Sea Service.

I really miss that ship.

Did you Remember?

Today is another of my favorite anniversaries. The last one happened 3 days ago. Are you confused? Do you know what anniversaries I am referring to? Maybe a refreshing of the memory is required.

Remember now? August 9th, 1945. History's second use of the Atomic Bomb in combat.


I just went out a bought a new gun. Well, OK, not just, it's about a week old now but it has already had 150 rounds through it. This one is going to require a bit more break in than the 1911 did but it will be and in fact, is much easier to conceal under summer clothing.

Loaded up with it's current loads of 90gr Federal Hydra Shocks, I think it will come as quite the nasty surprise for any common street scum. I do have to get used to the double action first shot, but everything after that is good shooting and I am able to maintain everything inside 10 inches at 15 feet. More shooting will be required to get it anywhere near the fist size I put out with the 1911. That, however, is the best part. What fun is a gun if you don't shoot it?

For those who don't recognize it, it's a Bersa Thunder .380. One thing I would say to Bersa is this. How about sending these out with a spare magazine?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Do you like funny?

I like funny and cute thrown in for good measure. I can identify with this story to an extent as my house cat just had some kittens a couple of months ago, so I know how deceptive cute kitty can be. All cute and fuzzy and wonderful........right up until you pick it up when it would prefer to be left alone.

2 things

First, I believe my schedule will lighten up so I can blog more, which is good news to the maybe 1 person that reads this.

Second, it is with the heaviest of hearts that I give you a link to this. My favorite gun blogger is done as of November 30th.

I must buy a new gun and fire many rounds in salute.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Suing Terrorists

I'm seeing a lot of stuff today about suing terrorists (link) (link) for damages. I guess if that makes you feel better about the fact that little Johnny got blown up, go right ahead. But I have a couple questions to ask. I hope you won't think that I'm insensitive, I think the rest of this blog has answered that (bwahahaha) but first of all.

In order to have a successful civil suit, isn't it necessary to prove that you have lost a certain monetary amount first? If this is so (and I'm no Attorney) then doesn't what you're doing pretty much amount to saying that little Johnny was worth X amount? How exactly does one place a monetary value on a human life? He would have earned $X over a 20 year career at Burger King? How does one do that? How can one be callous enough to try? My mind boggles.

Now this:

What exactly makes you think that Sheik Abdul Ali Goat-Fucker is even going to show up to court to begin with? Add to that: Are you really stupid enough to think he's going to pay? Since the obvious (and thereby missed) answer is: About that, UMMMM, NO. Then what is it exactly that you hope to accomplish here?

I would surmise that you are a callous enough prick to think you can make a few bucks off little Johnny's untimely demise. Good luck with that. You may be wanting to make a statement about how horrible it was that Sheik Abdul Ali Goat-Fucker blew up (or ordered the blowing up of) Little Johnny in the first place. If this is so, then you may have missed one of the main points behind this little war we're in? Our military is currently over in the terrorist breeding ground expressing their (and by extension, our) extreme displeasure using bullets, bombs and rockets. A language uniquely understood by scumbags the world over.

Or is it perhaps that you just want to plug the court system up? Distract it from the annoying side job it has of sending rapists and murderers to prison and keeping child rapists locked up for life? Could that be it? Well fuck the Jones' it was just their 6 yr old getting raped, 20 yr old little Johnny is far more important than that so we'll sue the terrorists in Godthisplacesucksistan and make our $50,000 and they can just wait their turn? Again, my mind just boggles.

As bad as that is, what about the attorneys that agree to push this shit through the court to begin with? What the fuck are you thinking? If you're working on one of those "you don't get paid until I do" things, you're pretty well fucked right now. Exactly how and where are you going to find the necessary facts and witnesses that you'll need to prove your case? Who's the poor sap you're gonna hire to serve the law suit anyway? My kids are starving and I'm in a cardboard box...but I think I'm gonna pass on that job offer there Mr Attorney. Was it up to me, I'd serve it...taped to the warhead of a Hellfire Missile.

But wait...there's more!

What about the judges that even let this crap into their courts?

Is this any different than the frivolous lawsuits that brought us the Beverage may be Hot warning on coffee cups? Of course it might be hot's coffee for god's's supposed to be hot (unless of course you're gay or French....oops, same thing).

Maybe I better stop here, this is going to get off on a whole new rant.

New Link

GO READ! This stuff must not be missed. I have long stated my preference for getting my Iraq news straight from the boots in the sand. Now comes a fresh look and I completely love it. The Major can actually see what's going on from the front lines, not the hotel. Go read now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have been very slow at getting to this. I was shocked and saddened and I needed some time to listen to some of his work again. I was going to say something wonderful about George Carlin, but I went over to the Anarchangel and he said it better.

You Should See This

I really want everyone that reads this blog to go and take some action regarding this particular piece of nonsense. I spotted this over at Blackfive and I'm going to do the copy and paste thing here so you can read it.

Major Dan Gade needs your help to raise awareness about the importance of the Segway:

As many of you know, I was seriously wounded in Iraq in 2005, and lost my right leg. I am not alone: the war has produced more than 800 amputees of various degrees of severity, and many more with burns, joint fusions, and other issues resulting in decreased mobility. For many of us, the solution to our mobility issues- the thing that enables us to get around our college campuses, places of work and worship, golf courses, and other locations, is the Segway. A Segway is to a person with a mobility problem as a guide dog is to a person who is blind.

Originally designed as a "hip and cool" device for people to get around their communities, the Segway has become, in some respects, a 'standing wheelchair' for many of us for whom a wheelchair is not required. It offers unlimited indoor and outdoor mobility, quiet operation, safety, and increased longer-distance mobility. In addition, it offers greater health benefits because of the reduction in the amount of time we spend sitting on a daily basis, and greater dignity because of the ability to carry on conversations at eye height with a standing person instead of at navel height. This is not to say that a wheelchair is not dignified in any way- those who rely on wheelchairs for their mobility are undoubtedly grateful for the mobility they offer- but simply to point out that standing is more similar to walking than sitting is.

However, for a variety of reasons, certain venues which allow wheelchairs (Federal law requires it) choose not to allow Segways. Part of this is the perception that Segways are dangerous- in fact, no person has ever been hurt by a person with a disability riding a Segway- and part of it is a fear of new technology. In any case, Disney Corporation and its affiliates, as well as numerous mall conglomerates, choose to allow their fear of the unknown or new to overrule their compassion and common sense, and force those with Segways to use rented, unfamiliar wheelchairs to negotiate their parks and venues. Interestingly, Disney World in Orlando offers Segway tours of its parks in the morning (for a sizable fee), and its executives use Segways to get around the park, demonstrating that it is not the device which Disney fears, but the use of the device by a person with a disability. In other words, Disney is choosing to discriminate on the basis of disability, in clear violation of the spirit of Federal Law and common decency.

The problem with Disney is not theoretical: in December of 2006, I was staying at a Disney property and planning on going to the park the next day with my wife and friends, but was informed by my host (a Disney executive) that my Segway was not welcome. As you can imagine, this would have been crushing to my daughter, had she been along on that trip. I, and many others like me, have worked very, very hard to be able to stand and walk- to be told that I'm only welcome if I'm willing to sit is insulting to me. I suppose it's a matter of pride in some ways, but I am proud of my service and sacrifice, and have no intention of allowing Disney or anyone else to force me to use a wheelchair when my injuries don't require it. The Segway is a means of resuming my life as closely as possible to what it was before.

But you can help: On Tuesday the 18th of June, the Department of Justice released a "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" which seeks public comment on whether Segways should be accommodated in the same way as wheelchairs when they are operated by a person with a disability. You can help by simply contacting the Department of Justice and stating that disabled veterans and others with mobility issues should be accommodated in all circumstances, whether they use a Segway or a wheelchair. It would be best to express your views in your own words rather than quoting me, but only because "form letters" are counted by DOJ as single comments rather than separate ones.


1) You can do it on-line here (do the same thing on both links: they are for government/public facilities like courthouses and for private entities like stores, malls, and amusement parks, respectively):


2) You can mail in comments to:

    P.O. Box 2846
    Fairfax, VA 22031-0846

Reference "CRT Docket # 105" in your first note and "CRT Docket #106" in your second note. Again, it's two different things, so write TWO NOTES, one with CRT 106 and one with CRT 105 as the subject.

3) FORWARD THIS NOTE TO OTHERS. In 2004, when I requested stockings for my soldiers in Iraq, I received over 1500. I'd like this same level of commitment to those who returned on stretchers and are trying to get their lives back!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions:

Daniel Gade
MAJ, US Army
daniel.gade AT

I think you all know what to do.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Say hello to Firefox 3!

Firefox 3

Run your happy butt over and get it now! This thing ROCKS

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kinda Scary

Once again loyal reader(s) I point you over to the Counterterrorism Blog. If you go there and read carefully, you will find a wealth of information about our enemies. I want to be clear that currently, our enemy is radical islam. The teachings espoused by these animals are frightening to say the least. That we allow these "schools" to pass these teachings along on US soil is unacceptable. There are 2 new articles over at CTB that you may well want to read. This one deals with further information about the Islamic Saudi Academy and this one speaks of a homegrown terrorist/traitor that continues to betray his country and everything it stands for.

It makes me cry that I am old enough to remember when this nation had balls. When this nation would have shut schools like this down during a time of war. When traitors like Ahmed Omar Abu Ali would have been dealt with appropriately. Think rope.tree.traitor. Some assembly required.

Again I urge you to write your elected weasels and urge them to close down these terror academies and deport the people teaching there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I just spotted this over at the Counter Terrorism Blog. I think you might want to go read it and find out what young mooselimb types are being schools in this country.

I think what we need to do is this....let's start a letter writing campaign to our elected weasels in DC and demand that they look into this kind of homegrown terrorist training academy.

Do you need the address to your congresscritter? Just look over on the right sidebar and enter the info and you'll have it. Remember to keep your letter polite, if not professional, and make sure that your elected weasel understands that if a proper investigation reveals that your arab kids that live in America are being taught to be jihadists, that this school must be closed down. The officials that allowed it's operation must be dealt with in the harshest manner allowed by law. And that anyone affiliated with this school that is not a US citizen needs to be forceably deported, preferably by being fired out the launch tube of a cruise missile, with said missile being embedded in their asses.

How can we allow this kind of thing during a Global War on Terrorism? How can we let these books be studied? I can understand that sometimes you want to keep in touch with your basic roots but to be taught hate and murder in the name of your "God"? That just shouldn't fly, not here, not now.

Missed again

I just found out that Uncle Jimbo and Blackfive are heading to race weekend in Brooklyn, MI. Dammit, they have to go right past me too. To think, I could have had a beer with a couple of geniuses.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I spotted this from reading over at the Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler and it has to be the single most disgusting thing I have seen yet this year. This is even more sickening than listening to Hillary bleat.

These, these.....OMG I can't even come up with a description vile enough for these things. They actually have what they want us to believe is a children's game that tells kids at what age they should die so that they don't "use more than their fair share of the Earth's resources" Can you believe this? It's positively fucking obscene. I am just stunned by this...OK little girl, you've been breathing long enough, go kill yourself now...What the fuck is this?

How about you first you fucking Nazi scumbag.

I should probably make it very clear that this piece of shit came from the Australian Broadcasting Company. This is their idea of family friendly.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Maybe I shouldn't have rooted for the Penguins. Detroit is up 3-1 going back to the Joe.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Happened?

I was clicking through my links and it appears that the blog of Red's Trading Post has been removed. Does anyone out there in readerland happen to know what's up?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Credit Where Credit is Due

I guess I have been a bit remiss in congratulating the Detroit Red Wind for advancing to the Stanley Cup Championship series. I will admit that I was shocked Dallas made you work for it after you jumped out to a 3 -0 series lead, but good on them.

So congrats to the Red Wings.

I will now commence rooting for the Penguins.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

At It Again

Well, I decided that I have been a dead head long enough and it's time to get a new Soldier or Sailor to sponsor. You are a Soldier's Angel aren't you? If not...what the fuck is wrong with you?? Get off yer ass and sign up. It's not letter or card a week and 2 care packages a month...come on..You can swing that.

Hie Thee Hence and sign your butt up and make a soldier or sailor happy.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I want to take an opportunity to thank some people for excellent customer service. I want to thank the Staff at Pearle Vision located at Lakeview Square Mall in Battle Creek for outstanding customer service.

I broke the hinge on my glasses, which I needed to replace anyway, and they were kind enough to fit me into their busy schedule...then when they discovered the lenses I needed were right there, they cut my lenses and made my glasses in about 30 minutes.

They understood that I work midnights and I am dependent upon my glasses to be able to see properly.

I want to say how much I appreciate this and that Pearle has earned a customer for life today.

That and hat the young lady that helped me today (who's name I cannot recall suddenly) was Ultra Hot.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Stick This in Your Pipe and Smoke It

To all those who insist that Iraq cannot be won, I offer this.

Now, how about a nice steaming cup of shut the fuck up?

Friday, May 09, 2008


I just saw this over at the LawDog and it's a perfect 10 ring hit.

Some people have missed out on that part of their education that told them exactly what the United States actually is...This is a Representative Republic. The United States is NOT a Democracy. Do try to get that straight. LawDog certainly does...Kim Du Toit gets it...Hell, even Emperor Misha I gets it...of course, I do believe that those fine gentlemen are all immigrants. They may not have been victimized by the Publik Edukashun Sistim.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Reading Assignment

I was just over at the Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler and I have found a post there that I feel should be a mandatory read for all who love freedom as expressed by the Constitution of the United States.

You will go and read now.


I just don't know what to say...My Stars took out San Jose, but now they face the Red Wings and they are a very tough playoff hockey team. I guess if the Stars don't get it done, I'll root for the Penguins.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Additions

After a period of time reading them to see if they have consistent stuff on them that are worthwhile... I have decided to add 2 new blogs to the blogroll, one of which I would like to thank a person who may not be a blogger, but is a great source of Anti Terrorism Information, TSgt Dave Perigo of the 110th Security Forces Squadron in Battle Creek, MI. Thanks Dave, CTB rocks.

His little addition here is the Counter terrorism Blog which is a great place to keep up on the latest news about the Global War on Terror and what the terrorists may be planning next. It's great info and since one of the things I talk about is preparedness, you may want to read this regularly.

The other spot on the web is the Iraq Status Report, which I am just now sorry to say that I can't remember where I spotted it (old age sucks) but that doesn't make it any less wonderful for it's coverage of what's really going on in the big sandbox.

Go read and be educated.

Are You Still Here?

Oh Bomb may leave now. Or do we need to taunt you again?

Your ass is grass and the lawnmower has done it's job pretty effectively. You've been caught with a full scale waffle job thanks to your racist mentor Jeremiah Wrong. You know what you should have done? You should have either stayed home to begin with or told him to just STFU. Well, too late now.

So, now that that elitist scumbag is pretty much gone, we can turn our attention to the Hildebeast...who, we would like to remind you...wants to garnish your wages to make sure everyone has health care. Let's not forget the other liar in the Clinton family, you know the one, the alleged female who claims to have landed in Afghanistan under sniper fire when the video clearly showed a casual stroll across the runway? The one who destroyed documents and tried to prevent the Nixon lawyers from having a fair cross examination of witnesses?

She's pure pond scum. She's making Cthulhu look like someone I may want to have a beer with. I actually think Hillary may be the ultimate evil in the universe. Just take a quick peek at the track record that's at work here and you may be forced to agree.

A Quick Break

I just want to take a short break from the normal rantings here to say goodbye the the San Jose Sharks, who are about to have their tickets to Disneyland punched by the Dallas Stars.

Enjoy the summer golf and fishing and try it again next year.


Monday, April 28, 2008

It's That Time of The Year Again

Are you ready? Have you made your plans? Do you have fresh batteries in your weather radios? Have you had them on yet to make sure they're at the right frequency? Is your shelter ready? Do you have clear escape routes to get to it....even in total darkness?

Are you ready?

Once in a while, I go to certain lengths to make my readers think about preparedness. Not TEOTWAWKI type stuff, but the stuff that can happen in the blink of an eye. Like one of those monsters dropping out of the clouds. You really do need to think about what you're going to do. Have a plan and practice once in a while. What if you're on the road with your family? What will you do? How will you make sure everyone is protected? Have a aware of your surroundings at all times. Not just against those who would do you harm, but the weather which can be so unpredictable.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today....I am Sad

I am sad to report that our very good friend Syd from Front Sight, Press has decided to go oh hiatus. Whether or not he returns is not yet determined. The link to his site will remain forever on the blog roll of this blog as a show of honor for the excellent work Syd has done. That and I got a bucketload of hits off his site, LOL.

I will miss Syd's writings and while I know he has things to do in life, I do hope he will return with more of his genius.

Go on over and say good bye and good luck to Syd. I will say it in the way of Navy men from time immortal.

Fair winds and following seas.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So Long Barak, We Never Knew Ya

Well, I'm pretty sure that Oh Bomb AH is toast. You can stick a fork in him, he's done.

For future reference fuckwit, I cling to my religion, not because I'm bitter but because it gives me comfort through hard times. I cling to my guns, not because I'm bitter but because they also provide comfort and safety and a great stress relief and most importantly, because I myself went out on the pointy end of the spear to defend my G*d given right to keep and bear it and because 241 of my brothers gave their lives for that cause.

Small town America has a right to be bitter. You fucktards in Washington have helped or enabled thousands of jobs to leave this country to go to Indochina or Asia or Mexico. You raise taxes and spend billions most of which goes to places that won't do us any good in the long run. How about skipping out on feeding Ethiopia and fixing up the roads? How about helping fund new energy sources? How about improving the infrastructure so that the energy we do have can be transmitted to the consumer without fear of interruption? You want to give out some aid? There's plenty of places right here at home that you could do so.

How about a billion for some REAL border defense? For that much money, you could not only build a damn nice border fence, you could turn it into the world's largest continuous bug zapper. BZZZZZZZZAP! Damn Alice, you see the way they blow up when they hit that fence?

Oh come on now.....don't you go looking all offended, you know damn well you'd go down and watch for an evening. I even bet we could catch you smiling if not laughing. You could take your kids and teach them that this is what happens when you invade the security of a sovereign nation that actually takes its right to defend its borders seriously.

Small town America has a right to be bitter and if you want the source of it, look around Washington. The fat cats contrast with the crime riddled shit hole all around them but they can't see it because they're surrounded by armed security. The real world is never going to intrude upon their fantasy world, they're safe. Their sons will not be gunned down in a drug related drive by. Their daughters will not be raped by some crackhead. They don't even have to dial 911, they take it with them wherever they go. Small town America has a right to be bitter.

I think, and I am no economist, that this "global economy" bullshit has done more damage to America's economy than you care to see you elitist fuck. It's time to renegotiate our global economic contracts. Companies like Wal~Mart should be brutally taxed for getting their products from overseas. The auto makers that get their parts from overseas and have their cars built in Mexico should also be brutally taxed. I said it once before, but I think there should be a Constitutional amendment to ban anyone, not a citizen of the United States or any business not owned by a citizen of the United States from owning property in the United States. You want a tax break? Be American, use American parts and labor and build your shit in American factories. You wanna know why the economy sucks? Maybe it's because you helped all the jobs go to India asshole. No one has any money. You can't buy a house and pay for it with wishful thinking, you need a job to make money to pay your bills.

The current crop of Dems has totally lost touch with the simple realities of this world. They have forgotten that the average American doesn't have the same number of zeros on their IRS form 1040 that they do. We average Americans will bitch over an extra $5 or $10 in taxes because we need that money.

We're pretty simple we small town Americans. We want small government and bigger paychecks. Less taxes and more of our money in our paychecks every week. We want more of the things we buy to say Made in America. We want government to leave us alone and stay out of our lives. We want decent schools and good roads. We want our phones to work when we pick them up and we want our power to stay on during a thunderstorm. We want our troops to be able to fight the fight they need to fight and leave the PC bullshit somewhere else. Just get it done and over with and eradicate radical Islam already. We want straight talk and honesty from our elected officials and for them to remember who they work for.

Oh Bomb AH doesn't get it, neither does the Hildebeast, McCain might, but I doubt it.

A New Place For News

I just received an e mail about a new place on the web to get the latest and most accurate news on the War in Iraq. I would like to share it with you here because I think you'll like it and because it's probably more accurate than anything you'll see anywhere else except maybe Blakfive.

They even post Bill Roggio here. There's a ton of great information and I'll be reading it over myself for the next couple of days.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

You Must Be Joking

So, another airline bit the big one. They said they couldn't afford fuel and the economy was shaky so they're pulling the plug. As a direct result of this, I find myself held hostage at work listening to Fox this morning and listening to a large contingent of idiots bleat that the government should take over the airlines.

You must be joking.

They can't balance the national budget, they waste 17+ BILLION dollars in pork spending. They're pissing away money on foreign aid by the billion to countries that don't even appreciate it. Yet these fucktards want them to try to run businesses?

Listen fuck nugget, you know why people don't fly? I'll give you 2 reasons.

1. It's too damn expensive anymore.

2. They're getting tired of the antics of the little Nazis of the TSA searching 85 yr old grandmothers and forcibly removing women's nipple rings and forgetting to search the 20 yr old Arabs.

Security is a good thing, but holy shit, remember the focus of your security issues. Women who have pierced nipples don't often pose an explosive decompression issue at altitude. 85 yr old ladies probably just want to knit some baby socks while flying. Is that too much to ask? The average extremist Muslim terrorist is an Arabic male between the ages of 18-40, there's your security risk, search appropriately and fuck all this PC nonsense. Actually search the people most likely to blow something up, morons.

But I digress.

Fuel is expensive and airliners consume it in great quantities. The cost for this is passed to the customer. The ticket prices are high and there's not too much that can be done about that until fuel prices drop. Of course, paying a bunch then getting crappy service doesn't help. Flying to Vegas and having your luggage fly to Dallas isn't helping. Some of that is the fault of the airlines beginning to not give a damn about the people that fly on them. Bad on them and they're paying the price for it with lost jobs and bankruptcy.

But letting the government run them is not the answer. Getting them to clean up their own acts is. I wouldn't trust the government to run a whorehouse and since I have never seen a bigger bunch of whores in my life, one would think they would be damn good at it too.

Airlines, clean up your acts and you may live. Get back to simple basic and sound business practices and improve your customer service and maybe it will be OK again some day.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Boycott Pizza Hut

I spotted this over at the Rott, and you should go check out the whole article there, but I'm going to copy and paste the important details here.

A Pizza Hut driver was set up to be robbed and when he arrived at the delivery location, a guy stuck a gun in his face. Unfortunately for that guy, our Pizza Hut diver has a Texas Concealed Carry Permit so the goblin gets shot...3 times.

The reason we're going to boycott Pizza Hut is that they fired the driver for defending himself with a legally carried pistol.

Vonnie Walbert, vice president of human resources at Pizza Hut’s corporate offices in Dallas, said last week that employees are not allowed to carry guns “because we believe that that is the safest for everybody.”

Oh really? If it was so much safer for every one then how come your driver got a gun stuck in his face?

You may contact Pizza Slut using the following information and do make sure that you let them know that you support the brave driver and that you won't be buying anything from them...ever again.

* Pizza Hut, Inc.
* 14841 Dallas Parkway
* Dallas, TX 75254
* Customer Feedback
* Phone: 1-800-948-8488
* All Other Inquiries
* Phone: 1-972-338-7700

H/T Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Sunday, March 30, 2008

So...What's Your Point?

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238 clicks in 30 seconds, I need another pot evidently.

How About a Steaming Cup of STFU?

Oh look Ethyl, the A-rabs are all offended again.

What gives them the right to be offended? I feel a bit offended that we haven't dropped the 3rd combat atomic bomb yet.

OK, so here's the deal, 'm going to make liberal use of cut and paste from the MSNBC article so bear with me, I want to make sure I get it right.

Islamic and Arab leaders denounced a Dutch film Saturday that portrays Islam as a ticking time bomb aimed at the West, demanding international laws to prevent insults to religions.

Of course it is. What other religious text calls for the killing of non believers? No Ahab, we're not going to regulate free speech, I have a god given right to tell you that I think your religion is a breeding ground for fanatical, murdering scumbags.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir called on Muslims at an Arab summit in Damascus to "challenge those who insult" the prophet and proposed "a binding international charter" calling for the respect of religious beliefs.

Well, right after 9-11, I called for milions of Islamic heads to be mounted on radioactive poles, you can see how far that went. If you pisslamics want respect, earn it. By challenge, I take it you mean behead or car bomb? That does seem to be your normal reaction to being offended.

"The offenses against our Arab and Islamic nations under the banner of freedom of expression are derogatory and defamatory and go against all human values," al-Bashir said.

What about the offenses against Israeli school children? Nick Berg? The contractors that were burned and hung from the bridge? The families of the people killed at the World Trade Center or aboard the USS Cole? The families of the 241 US Servicemen in Beruit, Lebanon? Murder is not a human value asshole.

But unlike the Arab leaders, the European ministers defended the right to freedom of speech and called on Muslims to react peacefully. "Feeling offended is no excuse for aggression or threats," they said.

The Islamic extremists who blow up children don't need an excuse for their violence, they have all they need in the Koran in the words of the pedophile prophet.

This kind of shit just pisses me off, this is the same bullshit that goes on when the newspapers publish the Mohammed cartoons. When a book gets published that they don't like. When someone speaks up to say that they're wrong. The same kind of reaction they have to an Israeli reprisal after they shoot rockets into a city and kill a bunch of people. You can hear the bleating..They're wrong, they attacked us, we're just here screwing our goats and beating our women, we didn't do anything, oh pity us, save us from the murdering joooooooos.

Oh just fukkin shut up! Maybe if you try not blowing shit up, people will begin to respect you. Most nations don't attack people for no good reason. If you started living peacefully and stopped blowing stuff up, you wouldn't get bombed. People wouldn't make films that call you a threat to global peace. Cartoonists wouldn't draw cartoons of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban. If you left us alone and stayed in your sandbox, we'd leave you alone and stay out of your sandbox. It's pretty much that simple moron.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Too Quiet for Too Long

And here's what happens......

I am getting heartily sick of listening to the bleating about Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Just STFU already. All you really needed to do was say...."hey, the guy is a complete racist scumbag and he's going to be the death knell of Oh Bomb Ah's campaign" then leave it at that.

Everyone with an IQ even 1/2 step over that of an amoeba already knows he's a total scumbag, there's no point in playing his hate filled rantings every 5 minutes all fucking day long. Give it a goddamn rest.

Look, you already know what to do. Vote McCain. Just hold your nose and do it. Oh Bomb AH is slime and the Hildebeast is worse. But hey look, if you really want us to wind up running out of Iraq like cowards and paying higher taxes for no benefit at all, plus the added joy of having your wages garnished to provide healthcare for people who may not want it, then you can go right ahead and vote Surrender Monkey....I mean Demoncrap.

And Wright? Look kids, Oh Bomb AH spent more than 20 years listening to this crap spewed out of the pulpit. Wright married him and his America hating wife. Wright baptized his children and at the end of the day, while he may have found "some of the Reverend's comments disturbing and unacceptable" he didn't say something in private like..."dude, STFU, I'm going to run for prez." He didn't get up and walk out. He didn't tell people openly that this kind of stuff is totally unacceptable and I'm not gonna listen to it so I quit this church. Nope, what he does is say something to the effect that I can no more disown Jeremiah Wright than I could cut off my own fingers. Oh nice, he's my friend and I'm just going to let him spew his hate from the pulpit and I'm going to sit there and continue to listen.......for 20 freaking years.

Remember this folks, this is NOT the year to waste your vote. We need to vote McCain and send a loud clear message that the liberal surrendercrats are unwelcome in a war time government.

Monday, February 18, 2008

On The Same Page Again

I see that Syd, from Front Sight, Press, and I are on the same page again. I may have to find out if we might be either related somehow or telepathically linked. We have something else in common I discovered today...We're both damn tired of writing about mass shootings in gun free zones. Sure, he may do it in more detail than I do and with more class and style, but the point remains.

The bitch of this is that as long as We the People remain silent, things will never change. We sit in out nice comfy living room on our overstuffed asses wishing things would change and gun free zones would just be abolished but we say nothing. We do nothing. We don't start writing our elected officials and demanding the change we want. We just let the leftards run wild and the Brady Bunch spout their bullshit.

On the right hand sidebar, I have this nifty little box that lets you find the contact info for those elected officials. Now would be a really good time for the silent majority to stop being silent and start being heard. Start writing these scumbags and reminding them that they are subject to our will, not the other way around. Start reminding them that their oath is to support and defend the Constitution, not special interest. Start pointing out to them that everything the Brady Bunch says is an outright lie or fabrication and that ALL of these mass shootings are occurring in "gun free" zones. I just dropped e mails on my local congress guy and the State Attorney General, Mike Cox. Why don't you all stand up and do the same?

You have car insurance in case you're in an accident. You have homeowner's insurance in case you have a fire, and you need to carry .45 ACP goblin insurance in case some scumbag threatens your loved ones.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Another shooting in Illinois? How can this be? I thought we were all so much safer when guns were outlawed. There must be some kind of misunderstanding here.

A misunderstanding of the actual realities of life. There are bad people in this world. They're usually found in unarmed shitholes like Chicago or Congress. The cops can't be everywhere and recent court decisions say they don't have to protect you anyway. They just clean up the mess and write up the paperwork.

The right of the People to Keep and Bear arms Shall NOT be Infringed.

Friday, February 08, 2008


This is going to be a makeover of a post at The Smallest Minority, why? You ask, because Kevin is a goddammed genius and I have nothing I can do on my own because I'm almost too stunned to breathe.

The basic headline goes something like this:

McCain for President. Or we're really screwed.

I wish I could put this in flashing neon letters because the November election has boiled down to this simple thought.

You do realize that if the Hildebeast gets the white house, that she intends to have your paycheck forcibly garnished to get you health care don't you? You'll have no choice, you'll have no option, it won't matter if you work a minimum wage job and have a choice between health care and starvation and homelessness, you'll be garnished to provide the social utopia that the hildebeast dreams of and is really not working out so well across the rest of the planet.

You realize that you'll most likely lose your second amendment right to keep and bear arms don't you? So that when she pulls our troops out of Iraq (probably in her first week in office, ready or not) and the terrorists start planting roadside bombs in Detroit or L.A., that you won't be able to defend yourself? You know that right?

You do know that your job will probably be lost to an illegal alien who now has full amnesty and is willing to work for day old burritos? You know all the other jobs will more than likely be relocated to a small asian nation? You do know that don't you?

You do know that if the bitch gets her way, more than likely, you'll have seen the last flying of the stars and stripes and it will be replaced by the flag of the UN?

You'll be told by big brother when to eat, when to sleep, what kind of health care you will receive, how to speak, what you may or may not discuss when you're allowed to speak. You all realize this don't you? This bitch didn't heed Orwell's 1984 as a warning, she thought it was a great idea. Remember Animal Farm? She wants us living it. Which pig are you?

This is absolutely NOT the election for conservative voters to stay home. You absolutely cannot write someone in or just blow your vote on wishful thinking. We have to come together and do everything we can to ignore the stench and vote for McVain. If we don't, we'll get more social programs than we can possibly afford and this nation will become another lackey of the Useless Nitwits. This is NOT the vision our founding fathers had for this nation and only you can stop it. We have to stop it at the polls by voting for the one person closest to our values. Unfortunately, that one person is McVain, but if we let the hildebeast or oh bomb ahhh into the white house...we're really screwed.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Wisdom of The Anarchangel

He starts it like this:

Arrighty then... You've just seen "Sin City" or "Pulp Fiction"... or maybe you've been watching too many episodes of "The Unit", but you've got the itch.

You're a gun owner already, or at least you've shot before; and all the gun rags are full of them... but you don't know anything about them.

Maybe you've only shot your dads .22

Maybe, god forbid, you're a Glock shooter...

And now... you want the purest expression of personal defensive firearms perfection ever created. Gods gift to gunnies, through the genius of Holy St. John Moses Browning.

You need a 1911.

But, how do you get started? Who do you ask? Won't my counterstrike guild hate me for abandoning the church of St. Gaston? Won't the gun shop mafia laugh at me for not knowing about the holy hogleg?

Nay my son; the church of Browning is a forgiving church. We, like the Jesuits, understand that once presented with the light of truth; mans great gift from god of reason, will lead him to the righteous path.

We do not fear, or hate our misguided "safe action" brethren; for they know not what they do. We love and pray that they will see the light.

For the finish...Go read.

He's right you know. The 1911 is the premier goblin remover on planet earth. Designed to take down drug crazed natives with a single round using ball ammunition (AKA FMJ) it has served our nation's military and law enforcement communities with honor for over 90 years. You don't have to worry about it ripping through your goblin and tearing off down the street like you do with so many modern "super rounds" and it just plain works.

Take a look at the competition shoots in your area, go watch one. Pay close attention and tell me what you see. Want me to tell you? 1911's. Real serious shooters are swinging 1911's and the military is slowly and stealthily moving back to a 1911 or a 1911 variant. You just can't go wrong with it. More tools, more toys, more modifications, more reliability. It's time to just face facts boys and girls. John Moses Browning was a genius and his pistol is the ultimate in defense.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

But the Brady's Say....

Only cops need guns. You silly fucktards that failed to vote for a decent conservative candidate for president may all wind up cowering in fear as criminals shoot people in strip malls and cops shoot each other in the streets.

Now we all have to pray that we can keep Oh Bomb Ah or the Hildebeast out of the oval office. At the same time we are stuck with RINOS like McVain and Romney.

Please come back Fred, we need you.

How Can This Be?

A mass shooting in a mall in gun free Chicago? But, but, but, crime goes down when law abiding citizens are denied their rights under the 2nd Amendment. If we take away the guns, there's no murders. Illinois is a shit hole and Chicago is the source of the shit. I say let's just wall off the People's Republik of Illinois and call it a wash.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Holy Crap!

I saw this over at Tam's and I had to repost it here. This is cool.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I love it

I just love seeing reports like this in the news. I found this while reading over at KABA and it's one of those sites you should check out on a regular basis.

I love any news report that spits in the eye of the Brady Bunch and dispels all their lies. Crime went DOWN 12% in Detroit in 2007. And Michigan has right to carry.

Here's a lovely excerpt from the article:

It’s time to acknowledge that society is more free — and more safe — when criminals are not the only private citizens who might be carrying a firearm.