Wednesday, June 30, 2010

R. Lee Ermey Geico Commerical

Dr. Suess

As read by LawDog:

*"Locks in Socks put Skells in Hells." Alternatively: "One Thunk, Two Thunk, Red Punk, Catatonic Punk."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Steven Seagal - Lawman, A Review

I watched the first season of this and I had some thoughts about it.

According to the credits at the beginning of the show, Steven Seagal has been a working Deputy Sheriff in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana for the last 20 years (I also want to point out that Mr. Seagal is credited as being the show's Executive Producer). Wikipedia states that no records can be found concerning any actual certification as a law enforcement officer and suggests that his role with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff Office is merely an honorary/ceremonial position. It is suggested throughout the show, that Mr. Seagal holds the rank of Reserve Deputy Chief. It is interesting to note that no reference to him appears on the website for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff Office or Mr. Seagal's own website. I know in my own area, one can serve as a reserve deputy without any certification. I do not have any information about how such a system works in the State of Louisiana.

During the course of the show, Mr. Seagal is shown in a training capacity with some officers and academy students. He teaches some small arms and gives what would appear to be a very good course on weapon retention which is a subject he states in the episode to be very important to him. He assists another officer with some shooting pointers and appears to be a very good shot and at all times appears to handle handguns very safely and confidently. One thing I did notice is that it appears that the department issue handgun in Jefferson Parish is the Glock, possibly .40 or .45 and that Mr. Seagal is carrying a 1911. This handgun appears to be either a 4" Commander type or a full size 5". It seems to change a couple times. It would seem that he rarely takes it out of it's holster.

If the show is actually showing what is, then Mr. Seagal should be applauded for the way that he interacts with the public. He does not appear to be arrogant at any time and engages the general public with humor and a calm demeanor. If this show isn't shameless self promotion in the face of a declining movie career, then he is doing a wonderful job of promoting the JPSO to the community and building a positive relationship with the community.

He is apparently embroiled in a rather nasty lawsuit brought by a former employee and the show has been suspended by Chief Newell Normand indefinitely until the issue is resolved. It is not stated anywhere that I can find, what his current status with the JPSO is.

Overall, it's an interesting show to watch. You get a look at how Katrina affected the area and it's lasting implications. It is also interesting to observe reactions within the community to Mr. Seagal's presence and his reactions to it, which appear to be mostly with a healthy dose of humor. I don't think the show is a complete waste of time and as I said before, if this show is portraying actual fact rather than shameless self promotion, then I think that what he's doing is wonderful and should be applauded.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brigid Rides Again

And what a wonderful post it is too. You need to go and read it now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Link

OK, I put this link on top of the blog roll because right now, all I have is a link.

I have found an amazing organization and I want to spread the word about it as far and wide as possible. It's called the Veteran's Airlift Command and it was founded by a Vietnam Vet who came home wounded. He felt that the best way to help wounded vets was to start a non profit organization whose mission is to provide transportation to wounded vets and/or their families.

Private pilots volunteer their time and aircraft to get these vets from point A to point B.

I think this is amazing and if I had the time and the money, I'd go get a pilot license just to be able to do this. If you have a pilot license and access to an aircraft and you want to get involved, by all means, go check their website.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Found At Boomers and Bullshit

Sir Charles Napier on Multiculturalism

"You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours."

Today, I am sad

I was just informed of the death of a fellow bloggers mother.

The only thing that comes to mind at a time like this is a line from the movie 300.

My heart is broken for your loss

My own parents are getting along in years now. I know that I will not deal well with their passing as residing deep in my soul is a child who remembers his parents as being invincible. That has never grown out of me and never will.

I will light a candle upon my alter to bring peace to your soul my friend.

Time has passed, the Wheel has turned.
It is time for me to move on.
I will walk hand in hand with the Ancient Ones,
and with my ancestors who came before me.

Great Mother, welcome me back into your womb,
I come to you and know I am blessed,
for my life has been one I am proud of.
As I enter your world, wrap me in your loving arms,
and welcome me.

Lord of Death, I wait for you to take me,
I come to you willingly, with eyes wide open,
as my last moment approaches on the horizon.
May I look upon you without fear, without pain,
and knowing that those who walked before me,
await me on the other side.

O Ancient Ones, give me strength to take these final steps,
and allow me to do so with peace and dignity.
Let my family mourn my passing but not my loss,
and let them heal knowing I will see them again.
Time has passed and the Wheel has turned.
It is time for me to move on.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Warthogs's Border Security 101

No college credits for this but here goes anyway.

When I first started blogging, I wrote a post about why I can't be president. Now that we have pResident Teleprompter, if I won the lottery, I might run.

Border security is a hot button issue. It's really pretty basic if you break it down to it's simple roots. We will get down to the simple roots.

The United States of America is a sovereign nation. Merriam Webster defines sovereign as meaning: enjoying autonomy. Merriam Webster defines autonomy as meaning: the quality of being self-governing; especially the right of self government. A sovereign nation has defined borders. A sovereign nation has, as it's responsibility, a right to maintain and defend those borders. The First thing I want to address is the ingrained habit of liberals to selectively read things. The focus of this rant is ILLEGAL Immigration. If you're going to comment, then read and understand every word written, not just a select few.

The United States is a Representative Republic. This means that we are a nation of laws not of majority rules. The law currently in effect says that there are certain procedures that one needs to follow in order to enter the United States. Anyone who violates or circumvents these procedures, which are codified under federal law, is a criminal. It really is just that simple.

What we need to do. Step 1 is to reduce the flow of criminals into the United States. I see 2 ways to do this, one is much more palatable than the other. Idea #1 is to increase the size of the border patrol to a sufficient number of officers to actually patrol the border and catch illegals as they cross. Building a wall or fence with intrusion detection technology would facilitate this nicely. Every illegal caught is then entered into a database before being sent home so that repeat offenders can be identified and placed in prison.

What no one wants to tell you is that Mexico has a wall on their southern border to prevent illegal immigration and their laws on the matter are quite harsh. Can you say hypocrite? Sure you can.

Idea #2 is far less palatable but would be effective as long as we had the balls to be consistent with it. We build a wall to isolate the foreign countries, you know, Mexico and Kalifornia. Then we call up the citizen militia to patrol our side of the wall and have them shoot everyone who comes over it and throw their dead bodies back over as a warning that we're really serious.

At the same time, we round up all of the criminals that are currently residing in the United States and send them home, after entering them into the database, using whatever force is deemed necessary.

In conjunction with this, all American cities that have declared themselves to be "sanctuary cities" lose all of their federal funding. Not one dime for cities that intentionally violate federal law. This is actually a measure that should be instituted with either plan.

Step 2 is that we slightly alter US law so that the procedures for entering the country legally are very plain and understandable and we make it very clear that breaking this law is a serious matter that carries harsh ramifications.

Step 3 is that we get off the notion of "political correctness" and start interacting with reality. US law needs to be changed to identify regimes, nations or individuals which are currently hostile to the United States. Any person from one of these identified groups should be immediately removed from the country and placed in the database. No one from any of these groups will be allowed entry for any reason. I realize that this measure will cause hardships for cities like Dearborn as it will drastically reduce your current population, but look on the bright side, it will be a whole lot quieter in Dearborn without all that Muslim call to prayer shit going on and you'll be a lot less likely to develop a sudden IED problem on city streets. It's high time we started worrying about actual national security and stopped being so worried that we might offend someone.

Step 4 is that we remember 1 simple truth. All of the founding documents of this nation are written in English. I believe this establishes English as the language of our nation. Henceforth, all government documents are to be written in English only. If you want to come to this nation legally then learn the language. Quebec, Canada is like that. France is like that. Many nations are like that. We can do it too.

Step 5 is that anyone coming to this nation will be expected to learn the laws, customs, history and governmental workings (as intended by the founding fathers) of this nation and swear an oath to respect and defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. You know, kinda like the oath Congress takes upon taking office but usually ignores. Anyone who can be proven to be in violation of that oath will be tried for treason and shot. This should include any member of government who violates the oath of office, but that's a whole 'nother rant.

Oh yeah, while I'm talking about immigration and such, Hey LaRaza:

If Mexico is so great then fucking go home!

There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only 100% Americanism, only for those who are Americans and nothing else.
Theodore Roosevelt

Saturday, June 05, 2010


It just this second occurred to me that tomorrow is the 66th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. You can read more here. Please take a moment to honor those that served. Our greatest generation is passing quickly now. Honor them.

Too Funny

So, I have to post it.

Accountants And Their Blue Tape

Accounting Firm | Leicester, UK

(A client calls us requesting we email him a scan of a document. We promptly send this over to him and he calls back almost immediately.)

Client: “This scan you have sent me only has one page of the document and the rest of it is pornography!”

Me: “I’m sorry? There is certainly no chance that this contains any pornography. It looks perfectly fine from our end.

Client: “But there is. I am looking at it right now!”

Me: “Which button are you clicking? The one that says ‘Next Page’ or ‘Next Document’?”

Client: “Why does that matter?”

Me: “Well if you are clicking Next Document, you are currently looking at all of the pornography that you have recently been viewing on your computer.”

Client: “F***!” *hangs up*

H/T Not Always Right