Friday, November 14, 2014

Asking The Wrong Question

Here we are at the beginning of winter.  Warthog Control just had it's very first snowfall of 2014's winter.  One accident on US 131 had more slide offs than law enforcement could count.  A bad thing with a sad component, it happens every year.  It will happen again.

I think the number 1 cause of this is that drivers in the wintertime are asking the wrong question.  They ask, how fast can I go?  Wrong question, what they should be asking is:  How quick can I stop?  When the roads get bad, they get far too concerned with the go and they forget about the stop.

MDOT and the MSP always say, take it slow in ice and snow.  Leave early and slow down to a speed that you know you can stop in a hurry if need be.