Friday, October 03, 2014

Cause For Celebration

Today, before I left for work, I checked my mail.  Nothing special on most days.  Usually a few additions to the list of people or businesses that want my money for one reason or another.  Today was a bit different.

Today, there was a thick white envelope.  I noticed the unmistakeable elegance of a female's handwriting.  I put it in my truck and left for work. 

When I arrived, I took care of all the little stuff I have to do.  Calling dispatch to let them know I was on duty and available for trouble calls.  Making sure the cruiser still had gas and oil.  Getting the laptop started up on the computer stand and preparing the reports that will have to be filed by email after the shift is over.  Running into the bathroom because it's a 1 hour drive and those double damn high blood pressure meds would have to include a diuretic.  For those of you who don't take meds like that, believe me.  Giving a coffee addict a diuretic should be classified as cruel and unusual punishment after an hour in the truck.

Once all that was all said and done, I remembered that fat white envelope.  I grabbed it and put it in the cruiser.  What the hell, I thought.  Like all other security officers, I always pray for an uneventful shift as paperwork is the enemy.

I made an initial patrol of my assigned area and found quiet so, with understandable curiosity, I ripped the envelope open.


Thank you so very much my blog friend that I so much hope to actually meet someday.  I will love and cherish this book for the rest of my days. 

Of course, tonight is now double citation night for any poor soul who displays the lack of judgement and good sense to make me put it down and get out of this cruiser.