Monday, February 18, 2008

On The Same Page Again

I see that Syd, from Front Sight, Press, and I are on the same page again. I may have to find out if we might be either related somehow or telepathically linked. We have something else in common I discovered today...We're both damn tired of writing about mass shootings in gun free zones. Sure, he may do it in more detail than I do and with more class and style, but the point remains.

The bitch of this is that as long as We the People remain silent, things will never change. We sit in out nice comfy living room on our overstuffed asses wishing things would change and gun free zones would just be abolished but we say nothing. We do nothing. We don't start writing our elected officials and demanding the change we want. We just let the leftards run wild and the Brady Bunch spout their bullshit.

On the right hand sidebar, I have this nifty little box that lets you find the contact info for those elected officials. Now would be a really good time for the silent majority to stop being silent and start being heard. Start writing these scumbags and reminding them that they are subject to our will, not the other way around. Start reminding them that their oath is to support and defend the Constitution, not special interest. Start pointing out to them that everything the Brady Bunch says is an outright lie or fabrication and that ALL of these mass shootings are occurring in "gun free" zones. I just dropped e mails on my local congress guy and the State Attorney General, Mike Cox. Why don't you all stand up and do the same?

You have car insurance in case you're in an accident. You have homeowner's insurance in case you have a fire, and you need to carry .45 ACP goblin insurance in case some scumbag threatens your loved ones.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Another shooting in Illinois? How can this be? I thought we were all so much safer when guns were outlawed. There must be some kind of misunderstanding here.

A misunderstanding of the actual realities of life. There are bad people in this world. They're usually found in unarmed shitholes like Chicago or Congress. The cops can't be everywhere and recent court decisions say they don't have to protect you anyway. They just clean up the mess and write up the paperwork.

The right of the People to Keep and Bear arms Shall NOT be Infringed.

Friday, February 08, 2008


This is going to be a makeover of a post at The Smallest Minority, why? You ask, because Kevin is a goddammed genius and I have nothing I can do on my own because I'm almost too stunned to breathe.

The basic headline goes something like this:

McCain for President. Or we're really screwed.

I wish I could put this in flashing neon letters because the November election has boiled down to this simple thought.

You do realize that if the Hildebeast gets the white house, that she intends to have your paycheck forcibly garnished to get you health care don't you? You'll have no choice, you'll have no option, it won't matter if you work a minimum wage job and have a choice between health care and starvation and homelessness, you'll be garnished to provide the social utopia that the hildebeast dreams of and is really not working out so well across the rest of the planet.

You realize that you'll most likely lose your second amendment right to keep and bear arms don't you? So that when she pulls our troops out of Iraq (probably in her first week in office, ready or not) and the terrorists start planting roadside bombs in Detroit or L.A., that you won't be able to defend yourself? You know that right?

You do know that your job will probably be lost to an illegal alien who now has full amnesty and is willing to work for day old burritos? You know all the other jobs will more than likely be relocated to a small asian nation? You do know that don't you?

You do know that if the bitch gets her way, more than likely, you'll have seen the last flying of the stars and stripes and it will be replaced by the flag of the UN?

You'll be told by big brother when to eat, when to sleep, what kind of health care you will receive, how to speak, what you may or may not discuss when you're allowed to speak. You all realize this don't you? This bitch didn't heed Orwell's 1984 as a warning, she thought it was a great idea. Remember Animal Farm? She wants us living it. Which pig are you?

This is absolutely NOT the election for conservative voters to stay home. You absolutely cannot write someone in or just blow your vote on wishful thinking. We have to come together and do everything we can to ignore the stench and vote for McVain. If we don't, we'll get more social programs than we can possibly afford and this nation will become another lackey of the Useless Nitwits. This is NOT the vision our founding fathers had for this nation and only you can stop it. We have to stop it at the polls by voting for the one person closest to our values. Unfortunately, that one person is McVain, but if we let the hildebeast or oh bomb ahhh into the white house...we're really screwed.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Wisdom of The Anarchangel

He starts it like this:

Arrighty then... You've just seen "Sin City" or "Pulp Fiction"... or maybe you've been watching too many episodes of "The Unit", but you've got the itch.

You're a gun owner already, or at least you've shot before; and all the gun rags are full of them... but you don't know anything about them.

Maybe you've only shot your dads .22

Maybe, god forbid, you're a Glock shooter...

And now... you want the purest expression of personal defensive firearms perfection ever created. Gods gift to gunnies, through the genius of Holy St. John Moses Browning.

You need a 1911.

But, how do you get started? Who do you ask? Won't my counterstrike guild hate me for abandoning the church of St. Gaston? Won't the gun shop mafia laugh at me for not knowing about the holy hogleg?

Nay my son; the church of Browning is a forgiving church. We, like the Jesuits, understand that once presented with the light of truth; mans great gift from god of reason, will lead him to the righteous path.

We do not fear, or hate our misguided "safe action" brethren; for they know not what they do. We love and pray that they will see the light.

For the finish...Go read.

He's right you know. The 1911 is the premier goblin remover on planet earth. Designed to take down drug crazed natives with a single round using ball ammunition (AKA FMJ) it has served our nation's military and law enforcement communities with honor for over 90 years. You don't have to worry about it ripping through your goblin and tearing off down the street like you do with so many modern "super rounds" and it just plain works.

Take a look at the competition shoots in your area, go watch one. Pay close attention and tell me what you see. Want me to tell you? 1911's. Real serious shooters are swinging 1911's and the military is slowly and stealthily moving back to a 1911 or a 1911 variant. You just can't go wrong with it. More tools, more toys, more modifications, more reliability. It's time to just face facts boys and girls. John Moses Browning was a genius and his pistol is the ultimate in defense.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

But the Brady's Say....

Only cops need guns. You silly fucktards that failed to vote for a decent conservative candidate for president may all wind up cowering in fear as criminals shoot people in strip malls and cops shoot each other in the streets.

Now we all have to pray that we can keep Oh Bomb Ah or the Hildebeast out of the oval office. At the same time we are stuck with RINOS like McVain and Romney.

Please come back Fred, we need you.

How Can This Be?

A mass shooting in a mall in gun free Chicago? But, but, but, crime goes down when law abiding citizens are denied their rights under the 2nd Amendment. If we take away the guns, there's no murders. Illinois is a shit hole and Chicago is the source of the shit. I say let's just wall off the People's Republik of Illinois and call it a wash.