Saturday, April 05, 2008

You Must Be Joking

So, another airline bit the big one. They said they couldn't afford fuel and the economy was shaky so they're pulling the plug. As a direct result of this, I find myself held hostage at work listening to Fox this morning and listening to a large contingent of idiots bleat that the government should take over the airlines.

You must be joking.

They can't balance the national budget, they waste 17+ BILLION dollars in pork spending. They're pissing away money on foreign aid by the billion to countries that don't even appreciate it. Yet these fucktards want them to try to run businesses?

Listen fuck nugget, you know why people don't fly? I'll give you 2 reasons.

1. It's too damn expensive anymore.

2. They're getting tired of the antics of the little Nazis of the TSA searching 85 yr old grandmothers and forcibly removing women's nipple rings and forgetting to search the 20 yr old Arabs.

Security is a good thing, but holy shit, remember the focus of your security issues. Women who have pierced nipples don't often pose an explosive decompression issue at altitude. 85 yr old ladies probably just want to knit some baby socks while flying. Is that too much to ask? The average extremist Muslim terrorist is an Arabic male between the ages of 18-40, there's your security risk, search appropriately and fuck all this PC nonsense. Actually search the people most likely to blow something up, morons.

But I digress.

Fuel is expensive and airliners consume it in great quantities. The cost for this is passed to the customer. The ticket prices are high and there's not too much that can be done about that until fuel prices drop. Of course, paying a bunch then getting crappy service doesn't help. Flying to Vegas and having your luggage fly to Dallas isn't helping. Some of that is the fault of the airlines beginning to not give a damn about the people that fly on them. Bad on them and they're paying the price for it with lost jobs and bankruptcy.

But letting the government run them is not the answer. Getting them to clean up their own acts is. I wouldn't trust the government to run a whorehouse and since I have never seen a bigger bunch of whores in my life, one would think they would be damn good at it too.

Airlines, clean up your acts and you may live. Get back to simple basic and sound business practices and improve your customer service and maybe it will be OK again some day.

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