Friday, February 08, 2008


This is going to be a makeover of a post at The Smallest Minority, why? You ask, because Kevin is a goddammed genius and I have nothing I can do on my own because I'm almost too stunned to breathe.

The basic headline goes something like this:

McCain for President. Or we're really screwed.

I wish I could put this in flashing neon letters because the November election has boiled down to this simple thought.

You do realize that if the Hildebeast gets the white house, that she intends to have your paycheck forcibly garnished to get you health care don't you? You'll have no choice, you'll have no option, it won't matter if you work a minimum wage job and have a choice between health care and starvation and homelessness, you'll be garnished to provide the social utopia that the hildebeast dreams of and is really not working out so well across the rest of the planet.

You realize that you'll most likely lose your second amendment right to keep and bear arms don't you? So that when she pulls our troops out of Iraq (probably in her first week in office, ready or not) and the terrorists start planting roadside bombs in Detroit or L.A., that you won't be able to defend yourself? You know that right?

You do know that your job will probably be lost to an illegal alien who now has full amnesty and is willing to work for day old burritos? You know all the other jobs will more than likely be relocated to a small asian nation? You do know that don't you?

You do know that if the bitch gets her way, more than likely, you'll have seen the last flying of the stars and stripes and it will be replaced by the flag of the UN?

You'll be told by big brother when to eat, when to sleep, what kind of health care you will receive, how to speak, what you may or may not discuss when you're allowed to speak. You all realize this don't you? This bitch didn't heed Orwell's 1984 as a warning, she thought it was a great idea. Remember Animal Farm? She wants us living it. Which pig are you?

This is absolutely NOT the election for conservative voters to stay home. You absolutely cannot write someone in or just blow your vote on wishful thinking. We have to come together and do everything we can to ignore the stench and vote for McVain. If we don't, we'll get more social programs than we can possibly afford and this nation will become another lackey of the Useless Nitwits. This is NOT the vision our founding fathers had for this nation and only you can stop it. We have to stop it at the polls by voting for the one person closest to our values. Unfortunately, that one person is McVain, but if we let the hildebeast or oh bomb ahhh into the white house...we're really screwed.


The Sight M1911 said...

I totally agree.

steve said...

lets not oversimplify the health care costs. since a large group can't afford the premiums she will need the rest of us will once again make up the difference. it is another way they take away our hard earned dollars to make us all equal....