Saturday, August 09, 2008


Some of you may have noticed that I keep a picture of the decorations I earned while serving in the Navy. Some of you may have noticed that the picture is different now than the original was. I was just now thinking that I should probably explain this.

I found a site called and I found that you can use this site to get your unit awards. I already knew my personals, the 3 sea service awards, but I had no idea that my first ship had gotten so many others. Since I do believe in trying to be as accurate and truthful as I can and because I happen to be very proud of my service, I decided to update the photo.

For those not familiar with Navy ribbons:

Top Left is the Meritorious Unit Commendation with a star denoting a second award (I didn't know about number 2).

Top Right is the "Battle E" 2 Awards (I knew this one).

Bottom Left is the Navy Expeditionary Medal With 2 stars denoting 3 total awards (I didn't know about the stars).

Bottom Center is the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (I didn't know I had this one).

Bottom Right is the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with 2 stars denoting 3 total awards.

Last but certainly not least. A photo of the place I earned all but the second star on my Sea Service.

I really miss that ship.

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