Friday, March 21, 2008

Too Quiet for Too Long

And here's what happens......

I am getting heartily sick of listening to the bleating about Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Just STFU already. All you really needed to do was say...."hey, the guy is a complete racist scumbag and he's going to be the death knell of Oh Bomb Ah's campaign" then leave it at that.

Everyone with an IQ even 1/2 step over that of an amoeba already knows he's a total scumbag, there's no point in playing his hate filled rantings every 5 minutes all fucking day long. Give it a goddamn rest.

Look, you already know what to do. Vote McCain. Just hold your nose and do it. Oh Bomb AH is slime and the Hildebeast is worse. But hey look, if you really want us to wind up running out of Iraq like cowards and paying higher taxes for no benefit at all, plus the added joy of having your wages garnished to provide healthcare for people who may not want it, then you can go right ahead and vote Surrender Monkey....I mean Demoncrap.

And Wright? Look kids, Oh Bomb AH spent more than 20 years listening to this crap spewed out of the pulpit. Wright married him and his America hating wife. Wright baptized his children and at the end of the day, while he may have found "some of the Reverend's comments disturbing and unacceptable" he didn't say something in private like..."dude, STFU, I'm going to run for prez." He didn't get up and walk out. He didn't tell people openly that this kind of stuff is totally unacceptable and I'm not gonna listen to it so I quit this church. Nope, what he does is say something to the effect that I can no more disown Jeremiah Wright than I could cut off my own fingers. Oh nice, he's my friend and I'm just going to let him spew his hate from the pulpit and I'm going to sit there and continue to listen.......for 20 freaking years.

Remember this folks, this is NOT the year to waste your vote. We need to vote McCain and send a loud clear message that the liberal surrendercrats are unwelcome in a war time government.

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