Sunday, December 07, 2008


I'm still seeing lots of folks out there talking about how they intend to handle a possible national gun grab by the messiah. I have no argument with the sentiment behind this, My problem with it is each individual saying something along the lines of "my line in the dirt is here" and that's well and good. I believe that each of us needs to make that decision after careful consideration.

We're at least discussing the possibilities concerning what we might do should the ballot box and soap box fail. What would each of you do should the bullet box become necessary? For me, I pray it will not. I don't really want to start the fight, but I have no intention of walking away from it either. Like many of you, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. I'm gonna be honest, I'm not politically correct (spit, spit) I consider anyone I see wearing Arab style dress to be a potential enemy.

I said potential. I don't think we should kill every Arab on the planet. Just the ones that wanna yell allah ackbar before they blow up a busload of children. Do I think we should subject Arabic males to increased scrutiny? You're damn right I do. Is that "profiling"? Yes it is. Do I care? Not one damn bit. Here's the deal Johnny Jihadist, if I see you in my hometown and you're putting an object next to the road that could be an IED, guess what? I'm going to pull out my trusty 1911 and put a 230 grain JHP through your towel. If I happen to have my DPMS with me, you get a 5.56mm FMJ delivered the same way at 3100 FPS and you know what? I'm not gonna lose 1 second of sleep over it.

Aw shit, look at how far off topic I've wandered. Working all night is not conducive to clear and concise postings in the morning. Back on topic.

What to do if the Obamessiah decides to go after the guns.

One man, 2 men cannot stand. If we're going to have to employ the last ditch option of the bullet box, we need to do so as a group. We need to get ourselves gathered into one place with one goal and become once again, the citizen militia that our founding fathers envisioned defending the constitution. We need a national voice to say "we shall gather at this place and defend our constitution and way of life.

I personally would like to see the State of Texas secede from the union and become the Republic of Texas. Guess how fast my fat white ass would defect?

What I'm saying, in my really tired rambling way is this. If any of us are thinking of really fighting this with actual arms, then we must band together. We must present an overwhelming united front. Talk is good. The soapbox is still our best option right now. Should that fail, we need to unite in one physical place and stand our ground together or we shall surely hang seperately.

See? The words of the founding fathers are just as true right now as they were then. Let's make them proud.

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