Monday, June 30, 2008

Suing Terrorists

I'm seeing a lot of stuff today about suing terrorists (link) (link) for damages. I guess if that makes you feel better about the fact that little Johnny got blown up, go right ahead. But I have a couple questions to ask. I hope you won't think that I'm insensitive, I think the rest of this blog has answered that (bwahahaha) but first of all.

In order to have a successful civil suit, isn't it necessary to prove that you have lost a certain monetary amount first? If this is so (and I'm no Attorney) then doesn't what you're doing pretty much amount to saying that little Johnny was worth X amount? How exactly does one place a monetary value on a human life? He would have earned $X over a 20 year career at Burger King? How does one do that? How can one be callous enough to try? My mind boggles.

Now this:

What exactly makes you think that Sheik Abdul Ali Goat-Fucker is even going to show up to court to begin with? Add to that: Are you really stupid enough to think he's going to pay? Since the obvious (and thereby missed) answer is: About that, UMMMM, NO. Then what is it exactly that you hope to accomplish here?

I would surmise that you are a callous enough prick to think you can make a few bucks off little Johnny's untimely demise. Good luck with that. You may be wanting to make a statement about how horrible it was that Sheik Abdul Ali Goat-Fucker blew up (or ordered the blowing up of) Little Johnny in the first place. If this is so, then you may have missed one of the main points behind this little war we're in? Our military is currently over in the terrorist breeding ground expressing their (and by extension, our) extreme displeasure using bullets, bombs and rockets. A language uniquely understood by scumbags the world over.

Or is it perhaps that you just want to plug the court system up? Distract it from the annoying side job it has of sending rapists and murderers to prison and keeping child rapists locked up for life? Could that be it? Well fuck the Jones' it was just their 6 yr old getting raped, 20 yr old little Johnny is far more important than that so we'll sue the terrorists in Godthisplacesucksistan and make our $50,000 and they can just wait their turn? Again, my mind just boggles.

As bad as that is, what about the attorneys that agree to push this shit through the court to begin with? What the fuck are you thinking? If you're working on one of those "you don't get paid until I do" things, you're pretty well fucked right now. Exactly how and where are you going to find the necessary facts and witnesses that you'll need to prove your case? Who's the poor sap you're gonna hire to serve the law suit anyway? My kids are starving and I'm in a cardboard box...but I think I'm gonna pass on that job offer there Mr Attorney. Was it up to me, I'd serve it...taped to the warhead of a Hellfire Missile.

But wait...there's more!

What about the judges that even let this crap into their courts?

Is this any different than the frivolous lawsuits that brought us the Beverage may be Hot warning on coffee cups? Of course it might be hot's coffee for god's's supposed to be hot (unless of course you're gay or French....oops, same thing).

Maybe I better stop here, this is going to get off on a whole new rant.

New Link

GO READ! This stuff must not be missed. I have long stated my preference for getting my Iraq news straight from the boots in the sand. Now comes a fresh look and I completely love it. The Major can actually see what's going on from the front lines, not the hotel. Go read now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have been very slow at getting to this. I was shocked and saddened and I needed some time to listen to some of his work again. I was going to say something wonderful about George Carlin, but I went over to the Anarchangel and he said it better.

You Should See This

I really want everyone that reads this blog to go and take some action regarding this particular piece of nonsense. I spotted this over at Blackfive and I'm going to do the copy and paste thing here so you can read it.

Major Dan Gade needs your help to raise awareness about the importance of the Segway:

As many of you know, I was seriously wounded in Iraq in 2005, and lost my right leg. I am not alone: the war has produced more than 800 amputees of various degrees of severity, and many more with burns, joint fusions, and other issues resulting in decreased mobility. For many of us, the solution to our mobility issues- the thing that enables us to get around our college campuses, places of work and worship, golf courses, and other locations, is the Segway. A Segway is to a person with a mobility problem as a guide dog is to a person who is blind.

Originally designed as a "hip and cool" device for people to get around their communities, the Segway has become, in some respects, a 'standing wheelchair' for many of us for whom a wheelchair is not required. It offers unlimited indoor and outdoor mobility, quiet operation, safety, and increased longer-distance mobility. In addition, it offers greater health benefits because of the reduction in the amount of time we spend sitting on a daily basis, and greater dignity because of the ability to carry on conversations at eye height with a standing person instead of at navel height. This is not to say that a wheelchair is not dignified in any way- those who rely on wheelchairs for their mobility are undoubtedly grateful for the mobility they offer- but simply to point out that standing is more similar to walking than sitting is.

However, for a variety of reasons, certain venues which allow wheelchairs (Federal law requires it) choose not to allow Segways. Part of this is the perception that Segways are dangerous- in fact, no person has ever been hurt by a person with a disability riding a Segway- and part of it is a fear of new technology. In any case, Disney Corporation and its affiliates, as well as numerous mall conglomerates, choose to allow their fear of the unknown or new to overrule their compassion and common sense, and force those with Segways to use rented, unfamiliar wheelchairs to negotiate their parks and venues. Interestingly, Disney World in Orlando offers Segway tours of its parks in the morning (for a sizable fee), and its executives use Segways to get around the park, demonstrating that it is not the device which Disney fears, but the use of the device by a person with a disability. In other words, Disney is choosing to discriminate on the basis of disability, in clear violation of the spirit of Federal Law and common decency.

The problem with Disney is not theoretical: in December of 2006, I was staying at a Disney property and planning on going to the park the next day with my wife and friends, but was informed by my host (a Disney executive) that my Segway was not welcome. As you can imagine, this would have been crushing to my daughter, had she been along on that trip. I, and many others like me, have worked very, very hard to be able to stand and walk- to be told that I'm only welcome if I'm willing to sit is insulting to me. I suppose it's a matter of pride in some ways, but I am proud of my service and sacrifice, and have no intention of allowing Disney or anyone else to force me to use a wheelchair when my injuries don't require it. The Segway is a means of resuming my life as closely as possible to what it was before.

But you can help: On Tuesday the 18th of June, the Department of Justice released a "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" which seeks public comment on whether Segways should be accommodated in the same way as wheelchairs when they are operated by a person with a disability. You can help by simply contacting the Department of Justice and stating that disabled veterans and others with mobility issues should be accommodated in all circumstances, whether they use a Segway or a wheelchair. It would be best to express your views in your own words rather than quoting me, but only because "form letters" are counted by DOJ as single comments rather than separate ones.


1) You can do it on-line here (do the same thing on both links: they are for government/public facilities like courthouses and for private entities like stores, malls, and amusement parks, respectively):


2) You can mail in comments to:

    P.O. Box 2846
    Fairfax, VA 22031-0846

Reference "CRT Docket # 105" in your first note and "CRT Docket #106" in your second note. Again, it's two different things, so write TWO NOTES, one with CRT 106 and one with CRT 105 as the subject.

3) FORWARD THIS NOTE TO OTHERS. In 2004, when I requested stockings for my soldiers in Iraq, I received over 1500. I'd like this same level of commitment to those who returned on stretchers and are trying to get their lives back!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions:

Daniel Gade
MAJ, US Army
daniel.gade AT

I think you all know what to do.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Say hello to Firefox 3!

Firefox 3

Run your happy butt over and get it now! This thing ROCKS

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kinda Scary

Once again loyal reader(s) I point you over to the Counterterrorism Blog. If you go there and read carefully, you will find a wealth of information about our enemies. I want to be clear that currently, our enemy is radical islam. The teachings espoused by these animals are frightening to say the least. That we allow these "schools" to pass these teachings along on US soil is unacceptable. There are 2 new articles over at CTB that you may well want to read. This one deals with further information about the Islamic Saudi Academy and this one speaks of a homegrown terrorist/traitor that continues to betray his country and everything it stands for.

It makes me cry that I am old enough to remember when this nation had balls. When this nation would have shut schools like this down during a time of war. When traitors like Ahmed Omar Abu Ali would have been dealt with appropriately. Think rope.tree.traitor. Some assembly required.

Again I urge you to write your elected weasels and urge them to close down these terror academies and deport the people teaching there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I just spotted this over at the Counter Terrorism Blog. I think you might want to go read it and find out what young mooselimb types are being schools in this country.

I think what we need to do is this....let's start a letter writing campaign to our elected weasels in DC and demand that they look into this kind of homegrown terrorist training academy.

Do you need the address to your congresscritter? Just look over on the right sidebar and enter the info and you'll have it. Remember to keep your letter polite, if not professional, and make sure that your elected weasel understands that if a proper investigation reveals that your arab kids that live in America are being taught to be jihadists, that this school must be closed down. The officials that allowed it's operation must be dealt with in the harshest manner allowed by law. And that anyone affiliated with this school that is not a US citizen needs to be forceably deported, preferably by being fired out the launch tube of a cruise missile, with said missile being embedded in their asses.

How can we allow this kind of thing during a Global War on Terrorism? How can we let these books be studied? I can understand that sometimes you want to keep in touch with your basic roots but to be taught hate and murder in the name of your "God"? That just shouldn't fly, not here, not now.

Missed again

I just found out that Uncle Jimbo and Blackfive are heading to race weekend in Brooklyn, MI. Dammit, they have to go right past me too. To think, I could have had a beer with a couple of geniuses.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I spotted this from reading over at the Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler and it has to be the single most disgusting thing I have seen yet this year. This is even more sickening than listening to Hillary bleat.

These, these.....OMG I can't even come up with a description vile enough for these things. They actually have what they want us to believe is a children's game that tells kids at what age they should die so that they don't "use more than their fair share of the Earth's resources" Can you believe this? It's positively fucking obscene. I am just stunned by this...OK little girl, you've been breathing long enough, go kill yourself now...What the fuck is this?

How about you first you fucking Nazi scumbag.

I should probably make it very clear that this piece of shit came from the Australian Broadcasting Company. This is their idea of family friendly.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Maybe I shouldn't have rooted for the Penguins. Detroit is up 3-1 going back to the Joe.