Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Additions

After a period of time reading them to see if they have consistent stuff on them that are worthwhile... I have decided to add 2 new blogs to the blogroll, one of which I would like to thank a person who may not be a blogger, but is a great source of Anti Terrorism Information, TSgt Dave Perigo of the 110th Security Forces Squadron in Battle Creek, MI. Thanks Dave, CTB rocks.

His little addition here is the Counter terrorism Blog which is a great place to keep up on the latest news about the Global War on Terror and what the terrorists may be planning next. It's great info and since one of the things I talk about is preparedness, you may want to read this regularly.

The other spot on the web is the Iraq Status Report, which I am just now sorry to say that I can't remember where I spotted it (old age sucks) but that doesn't make it any less wonderful for it's coverage of what's really going on in the big sandbox.

Go read and be educated.

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