Thursday, May 22, 2008

At It Again

Well, I decided that I have been a dead head long enough and it's time to get a new Soldier or Sailor to sponsor. You are a Soldier's Angel aren't you? If not...what the fuck is wrong with you?? Get off yer ass and sign up. It's not letter or card a week and 2 care packages a month...come on..You can swing that.

Hie Thee Hence and sign your butt up and make a soldier or sailor happy.

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GunGeek said...

When I signed up a couple of weeks ago, there were over 900 soldiers waiting for adoption. After Memorial Day the number went down to about 500. When i looked earlier today, it was at 3. Not 300, just plain 3.

As I look at their web page now, it just has a blank line where the number should be.

It's good that so many people have been signing up, but they need to get some more soldiers on the list pronto!