Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let's do Something fun

I've been doing a bit of thinking and so I've decided to take a break from the wailing and gnashing of teeth that is emanating from the office of shrieker Pelosi D-Eerintheheadlights, and do something kinda fun for my reader(s).

Let's have a little fun playing pretend, shall we?

I have to take some extra time to think about this myself so be patient.


You are informed that you are going to be transported back in time to 1850. You will be dropped in Virginia and you need to get yourself, and what you can carry to California. When you arrive in California, let's say San Fransisco, you will be returned to your native time and place.

This is not going to be a matter of whacking zombies or silly stuff like that, you need to cross the continental United States with what you can carry. Give it some thought and post your thoughts in comments. Lively discussion will (hopefully) ensue.

H/T to Kim du Toit, because he does this once in a while and it's kind of fun so I thought I would appropriate the idea. Well and because he probably doesn't read this everyday and he doesn't know where I live so I feel pretty safe.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You Missed the Whole Point

I was reading yesterday's Kalamazoo Gazette and saw an article that just pissed me off. I really wish I had a link to it, but I don't. Here's some background. Found a link, enjoy.

Last year, Michigan voters approved proposal 2 which eliminated affirmative action in Michigan. Race may no longer be considered for jobs, college admissions, and or contract work for or with the state of Michigan.

Zenobia Lawrence Hikes, vice president of student affairs at Virginia Tech University, was the keynote speaker for a Martin Luther King day speech at Miller Auditorium at Western Michigan University. She says that..."The passage pf proposal 2 by Michigan voters was a rebuke to the dream of racial equality that Martin Luther King Jr. lived and died to promote". She further stated..."We are losing ground and running in opposition to a civil rights agenda almost 4 decades after Dr. King's assassination."

She further goes on to say..."King showed the way toward a more unified nation in which minorities would have the chance to take part in all economic, political and social aspects of American society." To quote the article...After outlining some of the economic challenges that blacks continue to face, such as high levels of incarceration, she went on to criticize certain aspects of the hip-hop culture. "We need to create new role models," she said. "Parents must re-examine BET (the Black Entertainment Network) and the songs and videos that their children watch. We have to ask ourselves if we want the world to view our sons as thugs and our daughters as promiscuous." "We must tell our children about the civil rights struggle. We must tell them how we have survived," she said. "Dr. King never lived to see the promised land, but we are standing on the shoulders of Dr. King and have the chance to turn his vision into reality."

I didn't quote the fluffy stuff. I typed exactly what was in the Gazette. You may be able to find the article at Ms. Lawrence Hikes was not the only speaker, there were other local and religious figures in attendance and I will quote a couple of them also.

"The year 2006 was when we suffered a tremendous setback in the state of Michigan. Affirmative action was reversed in one of the best states in America," said the Rev. J. Louis Felton, president of the Northside Ministerial Association.

Oh my God! You people have totally missed the point Dr. King was trying to make. Dr. King wanted a color blind society. I do not believe for one moment that he would have supported affirmative action. Dr King wanted the equality and a chance to prove that blacks could be more than they were allowed at the time. He got you the equality, what have YOU done with it? Who's fault is the "hip-hop culture"? Who runs BET? If blacks still face all those economic challenges, they must have started BEFORE Michigan voters passed proposal 2. Why criticize proposal 2? You're pissed because the color of your skin won't get you a job or a college slot anymore? You mean you're actually going to have to EARN your way? OMG!! how horrible.

The world at large will perceive your sons as thugs because that's how they act. The world at large will perceive your daughters as promiscuous because that's how they act. The leaders of the black community keep telling you how it's everyone else's fault . The leaders of the black community are all too willing to throw the race card. And through all this, you totally missed or ignored the point that Dr. King wanted to make. There is no difference between peoples. The color of your skin does not equate to the intelligence between your ears. As long as you're willing to study and work hard, you can achieve anything that anyone else can. Dr. King sought a color blind society, not a hand out.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Just go read already

I was over at Tam's blog this morning and right on top is the reason I read her blog. How many chicks go through their purses and pull out gun parts? God that's hot. Go read, you won't be sorry.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

This Bears Watching

House Bill 226, introduced recently and currently in the judiciary committee, is a Nationwide CCW Reciprocity bill. I think we should go ahead and make contact with our congress critters and get this out of committee and out to the house and then passed. You can keep an eye on the bill's progress here.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Consider This

Just to prove that I don't just rant about PC nonsense, I would like to touch on the subject of preparedness once again. I found a little something at Kim du Toit that you can read here. Please do. I think it's important to consider it carefully.

I said it before and I'll keep saying it. You just never know when something bad will happen and you never know when or how bad. You also never know where. It just pays to keep it in mind. Remember, chance favors the prepared.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Preparedness Revisited

Every now and again, I revisit the idea of preparedness, not because I'm some conspiracy theory loony or tin foil hat brigade type, but because this world is uncertain. Hurricanes do come to visit coastal communities, tsunamis are getting more attention, tornados drop out of the clouds and one never knows on what day that creek out back will become the lake in your home.

We have no idea what the radical islamic community is going to do, but if their antics in the rest of the world are any indicator, I'm going to be buying alot more ammo.

I guess the bottom line is, I really want all the people around me to be prepared to survive a bad situation. If I could find out that one person saved himself/herself and his/her family from a bad thing, I would be pretty happy.

I saw this article at Kim du Toit and I want you all to go read it. It brings up something I had never considered before. Maybe while you're hinting at your friends about setting up some survival "What if" kits, it might be best not to tell anyone about yours. I guess I have forgotten that some people think they should be able to count on others for their survival in a crisis. How sad is that? People who cannot or will not take responsibility for their own survival in a crisis. It boggles my mind to consider how far we have been reduced from a nation of strong people that could survive anything and come out kicking to a nation of let the other guys deal with it types.

I hope none of them plan to come to my house in a crisis. I'll be shooting those without an invitation.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And now we return you to your regularaly scheduled rant

All this PC shit is really getting to me. Do I care if you're offended? No, not really. I have a right to offend you. That right is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Sure, you are allowed to be offended and you can even say, hey, I find that offensive. That's your right. You cannot, however, sue because of it. Damn shame the liberal fucktards in the black robes let you. My free speech is not subject to your PC bullshit. Nowhere in the first amendment does it say freedom of speech unless you offend someone and until it does, fuck you! I'm speaking my mind.

While I'm at it, fuck multiculturalism too. That's another thing that pisses me off. This is the United States of America. If you're a citizen, then you are an American. There is NO such thing as a hyphenated American. African-American? WTF is that? Are you African or American? You can't be both, you can be one or the other. Choose which and move to the appropriate country. Same thing with the other folks that pull that shit. If you're a citizen of the United States of America, you are an American. If you don't want to be an American, then do me a big favor and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

Here's the deal, this is America. We have a culture that is defined by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. When you decide to live here, you better be prepared to swear 100% fealty to those 3 documents. If you're not, then don't move here. If the culture "back home" is so damn good, then stay there. I want you all to take notice that those 3 documents are written in ENGLISH. This would indicate to the reasonable man the the language of the United States is English. Speak English or don't come here.

No one put a gun to your head and forced you to move here. YOU CHOSE TO MOVE HERE. You exercised your own free will to move here. If you can't or won't speak English and you don't like the culture then you need to exercise your free will to GET THE FUCK OUT! When you decided to move here, you leave your culture behind to adopt ours. It doesn't work any other way.

This racial bullshit has to stop too. The problem with that is that the leaders of the various communities, like Jessie Jackoff and Al Sharppointontopofhisheadton are perpetuating this bullshit. They're the first ones to throw race flags when they should be saying Stop, there's only one race on the planet, the human race. They perpetuate the idea that "whitey is out to get you" and that you're being cheated somehow. We're all Americans, stop hyphenating and just be an American. We can all unite under that banner.


I have been advised by e mail that this blog has been accepted to the Anti PC League. I send hail and welcome to all who read and I hope you shall visit often. That e mail was the highlight of my holiday season. Now, when I rant about how much this PC bullshit pisses me off, everyone knows about it. Oh boy, I just pushed my own button, stay tuned for rant.