Sunday, December 21, 2008

That's Funny!

In fact, it's so funny, I have to do the old Copy and Paste thing. If you don't read Tam on a regular basis, you're missing something truly special.

It is ten frickin' degrees Fahrenheit out there right now, with a wind chill of... well, I don't even want to think about it. Today's high is supposed to be a balmy 14F. I want to speak to Al Gore right this instant; my global warmening is defective. I was promised Palm Beach-like weather (with the special bonus of the drowning of New York and Boston!) and it's not happening fast enough to suit me.

Now, I know my readers in Frozen Moose Sac, Alaska and Tlkkjjjmkkjjko, Finland are getting a kick out of my whining because what I call "soul-destroying, mind-numbing, bone-cracking cold", you call "November", but at least I won't have to hear any more "You can't be cold; it's not even winter yet!" 'cause you know what? It's officially winter as of today.

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