Saturday, November 15, 2008

Junk Science and Guns

So I'm reading over at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler and I run into this. It discusses the global cooling/warming hysteria started by the socialists then moves over to their welfare and gun confiscation agendas.

At the end of this, the author asks "how far are you willing to let them go?" which is a really great question and each needs to ask it of him/her self. Now I want to ask this question...If you've decided to draw your line in the sand at "X" point, then what happens when "X" point arrives?

See here's the thing that I see as the problem. We gun owning, constitution loving Patriots just aren't organized. We don't have a "central committee" if you will, that says "if "X" happens, a new civil war will begin (perhaps 2nd American Revolution is more appropriate) and we the people shall gather at this place". We don't have that and when just one or maybe 2 patriots stand up, they're going to be labeled as nut jobs by the press and written off. And probably carted off by the local morgue.

When do we organize? Where would we go? Has anyone thought of this? Even in the 1770's local militias were set up and organized, we aren't and if we were going to rise up against the tyranny that may yet be to come, we would have to be organized and ready because individuals would not prevail here, only an organized group.

So, pick your point at which you will no longer bend, but keep in mind that if we haven't organized yet, you may well be alone. I hope not, but, what would happen if the ball went up right now? We're all still in the pissing and moaning stage. We'd all be isolated and unable to support one another. Should we consider changing that? I don't know, wiser people than I will have to contemplate that.


Terrapod said...

Happy thanksgiving tu you and yours from ours in St. Joe Michigan.

Warthog said...

Thank You sir, the same to you, even though a tad late