Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ya Gotta Love the Hypocracy

In my wanderings around the internet, I click on the occasional link that just pisses me off. The gun ban community has to be some of the most polished hypocrites in our country today.

On the one hand they accuse the NRA of fear mongering then with the other hand they bleat and whine about "cop killer" bullets and .50 caliber "sniper rifles" capable of knocking down small airplanes or blowing up chemical plants. Then they cry about all the children killed by senseless gun violence but ignore the even more children killed by senseless swimming pool violence.

They want to scare you shitless. It's just that simple. Their entire plan is to scare the public into banning all guns because the guns are evil. The guns are whispering to you in your sleep and ordering you to kill. If you won't cooperate, then the gun will just have to go out on it's own and kill someone. Sweet Shiva what a crock.

Do you jackasses have any clue whatsofuckingever, how difficult it is to hit a moving target with a .50 Barrett? That thing is 4 to 5 feet long. You just can't swing it that fast. Then the computation of lead, mind just boggles. An Olympic caliber shooter probably couldn't do it. Even if you did, it's a hole about a half inch across. Even a civilian aircraft can take that, hell they can run over a seagull and keep flying and trust me, a seagull is a hell of a lot bigger and heavier than a .50 round. The terrorists use them? Give me a fucking break. You're gonna hide a 4 foot long 30 pound weapon in a bhurka? Are you fucking kidding me?

So tell me Mr. Gun Banner, how many .50 caliber rifles have been used in crimes? Want the answer? Of course you don't, you don't want anyone to diminish your opportunity to scare the hell out of the uninformed. The only .50 caliber weapons that are used in crimes are being used in the crimes that YOU are attempting to commit. The destruction of my right to keep and bear arms. You need to take a look at the quote from George Washington that is on the top of this blog.

Assault rifle. A name that will live in infamy. These people just have no clue. They've probably never even held one, let alone fired one. For the ones who haven't already seen this on any one of a hundred other places, I'll say it here.

An Assault Rifle is a military rifle capable of being fired in full automatic mode, which means that once the trigger is depressed, the weapon will continue to fire until it exhausts it's ammunition supply, and can be carried easily by a soldier. The DPMS Sportical rifle that I have is NOT an assault rifle. It is a semi automatic rifle that looks like an M4. Semi automatic means that when the trigger is depressed, the firearm fires ONE round. Looking like an M4 does not an M4 make. I look like a teddy bear, but I'm not as snuggly as you think I am.

The Brady crowd keeps pushing for what they call "common sense" gun control. They should stop after common sense. Common Sense would tell you that there are hundreds of laws on the books right now. All of which, are being ignored by criminals. What we have doesn't work, what you want won't work. What needs to be done is to enact some common sense criminal control, but we already have that, it just needs to be upheld. Common Sense would tell you that every mass shooting in the world today is happening in gun free zones. You're disarming the general population very well but doing nothing to disarm the criminals. The bitch of that is that it's already a crime to use a gun while committing a crime so you see, it's just not working.

Gun Show Loophole...there is NO GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE you festering pile of shit. If you knew what you were talking about then you'd know that the people who have tables at gun shows are federally licensed gun dealers and that they are REQUIRED to perform a background check on anyone to whom they sell a gun.

See the hypocracy in action here? If all else fails we can SCARE our way to a ban. It works so well in the rest of the world ya know. We can't stop now, we can't let facts get in the way. We'll scare the people to believe that only the extremeists want to fight gun control.

Concealed carry. Oh yeah, they're breaking their tiny little nutsacks to demonize that too. You remember the same tired blood in the streets, just like Dodge City bullshit that creeps up every time a new concealed carry measure gets considered. Hell, they don't even change the wording, just the city or state name. I bet they have a stock press release you can just download it, fill in the blank and send it out as your "statement". Then of course, you want to bleat about "vigilante" justice. Let me pull out a Dictionary and get you the definition of vigilante:

vig·i·lan·te           Listen to the pronunciation of vigilante
Spanish, watchman, guard, from vigilante vigilant, from Latin vigilant-, vigilans
: a member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate) ; broadly : a self-appointed doer of justice.

Take the time to notice how it has been morphed away from it's original meaning which was watchman or guard. The broad definition is the one commonly mis-used. Self Defense is a right conferred upon each human being AT BIRTH. It is THE primary right you have. Self Defense is NOT vigilante justice. We are not looking for trouble. On the other hand, we're not going to piss all over ourselves when trouble comes to us. We take our own well being pretty seriously to jump through all of the bullshit we have to to even get the license required to carry concealed. The fact we have the thing with us does not transform us into raging monsters looking to shoot random people, but to defend ourselves against the raging monsters.

One of the first things to do is to come to grips with the fact that you cannot ban your way to safety. Then you need to stop wetting your panties because someone "might" have a gun. Then, you might learn a few real facts. Violent crime drops everywhere that citizens have rights. In places where the subjects have no rights, violent crime is rising. Shops in England are selling knife resistant school uniforms to children, Guns are banned. The Mumbai attacks, Guns are banned. Violent crime skyrocketing accross Australia and New Zealand, Guns are banned. Crime rate in south Florida drops, citizens have guns. Crime rate in Texas dropping, citizens have guns. You beginning to pick up a pattern here sparky? Probably not because you're sheep. You abhor the sheepdog, you don't want him around, until the wolves come, then it's too late because you banned the sheepdog.

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