Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So Long Barak, We Never Knew Ya

Well, I'm pretty sure that Oh Bomb AH is toast. You can stick a fork in him, he's done.

For future reference fuckwit, I cling to my religion, not because I'm bitter but because it gives me comfort through hard times. I cling to my guns, not because I'm bitter but because they also provide comfort and safety and a great stress relief and most importantly, because I myself went out on the pointy end of the spear to defend my G*d given right to keep and bear it and because 241 of my brothers gave their lives for that cause.

Small town America has a right to be bitter. You fucktards in Washington have helped or enabled thousands of jobs to leave this country to go to Indochina or Asia or Mexico. You raise taxes and spend billions most of which goes to places that won't do us any good in the long run. How about skipping out on feeding Ethiopia and fixing up the roads? How about helping fund new energy sources? How about improving the infrastructure so that the energy we do have can be transmitted to the consumer without fear of interruption? You want to give out some aid? There's plenty of places right here at home that you could do so.

How about a billion for some REAL border defense? For that much money, you could not only build a damn nice border fence, you could turn it into the world's largest continuous bug zapper. BZZZZZZZZAP! Damn Alice, you see the way they blow up when they hit that fence?

Oh come on now.....don't you go looking all offended, you know damn well you'd go down and watch for an evening. I even bet we could catch you smiling if not laughing. You could take your kids and teach them that this is what happens when you invade the security of a sovereign nation that actually takes its right to defend its borders seriously.

Small town America has a right to be bitter and if you want the source of it, look around Washington. The fat cats contrast with the crime riddled shit hole all around them but they can't see it because they're surrounded by armed security. The real world is never going to intrude upon their fantasy world, they're safe. Their sons will not be gunned down in a drug related drive by. Their daughters will not be raped by some crackhead. They don't even have to dial 911, they take it with them wherever they go. Small town America has a right to be bitter.

I think, and I am no economist, that this "global economy" bullshit has done more damage to America's economy than you care to see you elitist fuck. It's time to renegotiate our global economic contracts. Companies like Wal~Mart should be brutally taxed for getting their products from overseas. The auto makers that get their parts from overseas and have their cars built in Mexico should also be brutally taxed. I said it once before, but I think there should be a Constitutional amendment to ban anyone, not a citizen of the United States or any business not owned by a citizen of the United States from owning property in the United States. You want a tax break? Be American, use American parts and labor and build your shit in American factories. You wanna know why the economy sucks? Maybe it's because you helped all the jobs go to India asshole. No one has any money. You can't buy a house and pay for it with wishful thinking, you need a job to make money to pay your bills.

The current crop of Dems has totally lost touch with the simple realities of this world. They have forgotten that the average American doesn't have the same number of zeros on their IRS form 1040 that they do. We average Americans will bitch over an extra $5 or $10 in taxes because we need that money.

We're pretty simple we small town Americans. We want small government and bigger paychecks. Less taxes and more of our money in our paychecks every week. We want more of the things we buy to say Made in America. We want government to leave us alone and stay out of our lives. We want decent schools and good roads. We want our phones to work when we pick them up and we want our power to stay on during a thunderstorm. We want our troops to be able to fight the fight they need to fight and leave the PC bullshit somewhere else. Just get it done and over with and eradicate radical Islam already. We want straight talk and honesty from our elected officials and for them to remember who they work for.

Oh Bomb AH doesn't get it, neither does the Hildebeast, McCain might, but I doubt it.

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