Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Are You Still Here?

Oh Bomb may leave now. Or do we need to taunt you again?

Your ass is grass and the lawnmower has done it's job pretty effectively. You've been caught with a full scale waffle job thanks to your racist mentor Jeremiah Wrong. You know what you should have done? You should have either stayed home to begin with or told him to just STFU. Well, too late now.

So, now that that elitist scumbag is pretty much gone, we can turn our attention to the Hildebeast...who, we would like to remind you...wants to garnish your wages to make sure everyone has health care. Let's not forget the other liar in the Clinton family, you know the one, the alleged female who claims to have landed in Afghanistan under sniper fire when the video clearly showed a casual stroll across the runway? The one who destroyed documents and tried to prevent the Nixon lawyers from having a fair cross examination of witnesses?

She's pure pond scum. She's making Cthulhu look like someone I may want to have a beer with. I actually think Hillary may be the ultimate evil in the universe. Just take a quick peek at the track record that's at work here and you may be forced to agree.

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