Saturday, March 31, 2007

Send Prayers and positive vibes NOW

This brother need them!

I wish I was reading this wrong

But I'm not. Please go read for yourself then mourn the loss of a once strong nation that has become overwhelmed by leftards. The sad feature is that we're next. The weak kneed left will have us standing by watching the foundations of our nation crumble under Islamic fascism.

My god! In broad daylight, in full view of a British Warship. I'm almost too stunned for words. In my day, which were the days of Reagan and Thatcher, we would have blown those Iranians to hell for this. They wouldn't have even gotten close to those boats.

Radical Islam Delenda Est.

H/T The Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler

I see the hole getting deeper

First, H/T to Alarming News, which I found on Emperor Misha's sidebar. I think you need to go read this. I blogged a couple months ago about the towel headed Neanderthal taxi drivers in Minneapolis refusing to carry passengers who were in possession of alcohol.

Well now, the followers of the 7th century pedophile prophet who are cashiers at Target stores in Minnesota want to stop having to scan stuff like bacon and pepperoni pizza. This is absolutely INSANE! Why the fuck are we allowing this? This is NOT an Islamic nation, why are we letting these religious terrorists dictate to us? Where are Americas gonads? I know we used to have them, we had them in the 80's well, maybe the was just Reagan (god I miss him).

I'll go over this one more time...This is America, we do things our own way here. Our culture is defined by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our language is English as evidenced by the fact that those documents are written in English. You accepted a job in a grocery store. No one forced you. You know, by your own experience shopping, what grocery stores sell. If it was going to be a problem for you in a religious sense, then you shouldn't have accepted the job. This is religious activism plain and simple.

If you don't like things here, go home. If you don't want to fit in to American society, go home. If you want to practice Islam and force everyone around you to tip toe around your religious beliefs, go home. Just get the fuck out of my country. You're damn lucky that I wasn't the manager as I would have fired your ass right on the spot. You accepted the job, shut the fuck up and just do it.

Friday, March 30, 2007

This Rocks

I just spotted this at the Anarchangel and you need to go check it out. Brilliant!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Video Goodness

I thought this video was pretty damn cool, so here's a link.

Here we go again

I just spotted this over at the snub nose files and it bears some attention. An Iowa newspaper has published a link to a list of addresses of CHL holders in a crime ridden part of Iowa. I tell you what, if a newspaper did it to me, I'd sue them for all the bullets I'd have to use for defense and the pain and suffering of having to shoot all those goblins. It would be nice if they could be sued for invasion of privacy also.

I think publishing access to concealed weapons holders information is just irresponsible.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I agree completely

Furthermore, I don't believe I can add anything to this.


Check this out! Finally I can go to Minnesota if I want to. I'd have to drive around the People's Republic of Illinois and Wisconsin, but I could go if I want.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tony Snow

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Kids and Courtesy

I've been wondering what has happened that we seem to have stopped teaching children about courtesy and respect. I was thinking about this at a recent Kalamazoo Wings hockey game (go K Wings) at which I was sitting in my normal seat just off the goal line and up high ( I like to be able to see the whole surface) and it was Kidz Club day. There was a pretty large group of kids in the stands, many of them, I am very sure, not sitting in the seats that were specified by their tickets, which really doesn't mater as it wasn't a sold out house anyway. I digress, at one point in the game I told one kid to sit down. The shocked looks from some of the adults in the group ensued and I found myself having to explain that I had paid for a ticket to watch hockey, not watch this little kid stand in the aisle. The general rule of courtesy being that one waits until a stoppage of play to leave or return to one's seat.

Why are kids not being trained in basic courtesy? The damn kid was just standing there. How about fukkin sit down dammit? For that matter, what the hell happened to parents supervising their children in public?

Look people, it's this simple...What you teach a kid now sticks for life. You can teach by doing nothing, you teach them that they can do whatever they want without censure. If you teach them basic respect and manners young, they tend to stay well mannered and respectful. Funny how that works isn't it? Come on parents, start living up to being parents.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Recognised for my Talents

I have been officially declared a good boyfriend by Norse. AWWWWWWW that's sweet and I really do appreciate it. She's one of the good ones and all my loyal minions are hereby directed to go read her blog NOW! Not later NOW! Yes you in the corner, you too.

Don't make me petition Misha for a few stormtroopers.

Thoughts on .40 S&W

Kim du Toit has some thoughts on the .40 S&W which seems to be the current "sexy" round. So sexy, in fact, that one of my local gun shops has tons of .40 and damn little .45ACP.

I myself prefer the .45ACP. I've shot 9mm and just not impressed with it. I look at things this way...

850fps doesn't seem impressive in light of todays super high velocity ammo. I'll let you have that point, but I'm alot more sure that my 850fps .45ACP round isn't going to tear through a goblin and home in on a baby carriage down the block. Can you say that about a 1300fps 9mm? Looking at things in that light, I'm not even comfy with .357 magnum anymore.

Don't ever forget that YOU are responsible for that projectile. .45ACP fits me just nice.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Baby Bear

Just wander over to Norse Ramblings to get some details, The Rott has some too. I'm just way too stunned and pissed off for comment.


I just spotted this post by John Longnecker while reading a link from KABA. You should go read it and then just think about it. You know he's right. Again, I have a very hard time understanding leftards. The facts fly high for all to see and they somehow manage to be able to ignore and twist it.

The even more amazing thing is the number of people who believe it. How the hell can D.C.'s mayor tell the media that the gun ban has reduced violent crime in D.C. when the statistics, which are available from the FBI, clearly show that Washington D.C. is one of the most violent cities in America? How can one possibly deny the reports from England and Australia clearly showing rising violent crime in the wake of gun bans? This isn't just a supposition on my part, it's clearly documented.

How can the leftards step out and say that the 2nd Amendment is a collective right when none of the rest of the Constitution or Bill of Rights is? Why would the founding fathers make everything else individual except the 2nd Amendment? They didn't. Read the letters, read the federalist and even the anti federalist papers. Just google them. You don't have to wonder what the founding fathers were thinking or what they believed. It's all in writing, all you have to do is take the time to read it.

This is why this country is in such disarray. Too many sheeple willing to just follow the herd and be fed the pablum in the lame stream media. Unwilling to look for themselves and be educated. Open your eyes, learn for yourself, stop following the herd. The herd is led by a Judas Goat leading you to slaughter.

Look around you while you still can. Read your history. Genocide is almost always preceded by disarming the populace. Look at Darfur for a great example. Fight now or be a slave later it's that simple. The United States is already being invaded by illegal aliens what's next? Start writing your congress critters and giving them their instructions, they do work for you ya know.

Immigrants & English

One of the jobs that most people don't give alot of thought to is truck drivers. If you have it in your home, it got there by truck. Sure, I know there are those of you out there that don't like truckers much. I wouldn't be shocked if you swore at one today even. That doesn't change the fact that truckers are critical to America's well being.

It's a job that is constantly growing and hiring, despite the best efforts of Government to make it more difficult. They do alot of hiring. Your humble Warthog was even a driver once. It's not for everyone, that's for sure, but if you need a job, you may want to consider it. If you keep moving, there's a hell of alot of money in it. This is not, however, a recruiting piece for the truck driving industry.

Being a trucker requires one to be able to take directions. Get load pick up and delivery information. A driver must be able to communicate effectively.

I'm all for the hiring of legal immigrants and the giving of a chance to be successful. But holy jumpin jeebus, make sure they can speak English. I'm a security guard at a place where we get alot of trucks through the gate in a day. They have to slide their trailer tandems to the rear before they come in and they have to be told which docks to go to. Can you imagine trying to do this with someone who doesn't speak and understand English? How the fuck do these people get a CDL and not be able to communicate in English? Do these damn trucking companies have interpreters in dispatch? What the fuck?

I really want to hang a sign up at the window that says.."We speak English here, if you don't understand English, turn around and go home". It will get worse in the next few months as Mexican Truck drivers begin to enter the United States. Bad English. bad equipment and the training standards...well more like what training standards? I may never use an interstate again.

I said it before, and I'll say it again. The language in the United States is English. This can be proven because the documents which found our great Republic are written in English. Therefore I assert that if you cannot or will not communicate using the English language, you need to get the fuck out of my country. There used to be a requirement for citizenship that one had to be able to communicate in English. We should get back to that really soon. We should also stop printing documents in multiple languages. Learn our language or not be able to function. It's pretty simple I think. You decided to come here and our language is different, if you want to stay, learn the language.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Another new link

I added an additional link to a page at the MCRGO site. It's a direct link to the Do Not Patronize list for businesses that have declared themselves to be Criminal Empowerment Zones. This link is for Michigan, it's not a nationwide list, just so you know.

On the left sidebar, there's a little card you can print and carry that shows your displeasure with a business for not allowing CPL holders. Always remember to be polite about it. We get better results by saying "I'm sorry you feel that way, but I shall have to take my business elsewhere", than we would by calling the guy a GFW and other nasty names.

I also would take this opportunity to remind all Michigan CPL holders to always be polite. This makes us all look good. It also makes it much more difficult for the anti gun crowd to portray us as a group of knuckle dragging Neanderthals looking for someone to kill. Remember always that the GFW's will not use facts, they use fear and panic to get their agenda passed.

The Flareup over the DC decision

You may want to go check out The Smallest Minority. Kevin has just been going crazy tearing apart the screaming from the Anti Gun crowd. He's doing his normal great job of it too.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Citizen Militia LIVES!!

Check this out and see if it warms your heart

Gunman stopped by passers-by armed with pistols, police say

(MEMPHIS, Tenn.) -- Police in Memphis say a gunman firing a pistol beside a busy city street was subdued by two passers-by who were also armed.

No one was hurt during the incident that apparently began with a minor traffic accident, but one passing car was believed hit by a bullet.

Brothers William Webber and Paul Webber told police they stopped their car and pulled their own pistols when they saw a man firing a handgun yesterday.

The brothers said they ordered the man to drop his weapon and then held him at gunpoint until police arrived a few minutes later. Police say the Webbers did not fire their pistols.

Police arrested Dementrius Roberson and charged him with reckless endangerment. Police say the Webber brothers and Roberson have licenses to carry firearms.

Paul Webber says Roberson was firing across traffic and they couldn't tell why he was shooting.

Is that awesome or what? Defense of self and state/others, Exactly what the 2nd Amendment is all about.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I can't see any forest...there's trees in the way

So the federal court of appeals in D.C. has struck down the unconstitutional gun ban. Great! I love it, I really do. Now let the whining begin. This is big internet news so I won't bother you with a bunch of links, because it's everywhere, but you may want to go over to KABA for resources.

This is a city that leads the nation in murder rates for it's size. But there has been a gun ban. Drugs run rampant, gangs are everywhere, but there's a gun ban. Almost daily shootings, but there's a gun ban. Hey asshole, the ban doesn't work. Look to England to see how well gun bans work.

The second amendment has never been about hunting, it's always been about defense of self and state. The people are the people, all of them, and the second amendment is an individual right, always has been always will be. Everywhere the citizens have been disarmed, they have either become slaves, or dead.

A cop gets shot and it's the guns fault. An inanimate object, just got up and killed all by itself. No one helped, so we have to ban them, ban them all, they're all killers. Are you as tired of this insane drivel as I am? Look, bottom line. If you enact more gun bans, the only thing that is affected is the ability of honest, law abiding citizens to defend themselves against the scum of the earth. It was already illegal to shoot at the police, we don't need another law. I have a much better solution.

Let's ban stupidity. I know that 90% of the planet will have to be killed, but show me the down side of that. If we got rid of the stupid people we wouldn't have alot of the problems that we have now. No more unwanted kids by females that can't seem to keep their legs together. No crime, because the criminals are inherently stupid, so that takes care of that. No more radical Islam, because suicide bombing is definitely stupid. Visualize a dumb shit free society.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

More New Stuff

Nice new widget/link to the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners. There's alot of good information there plus a nice watch on gun legislation.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Excuse me?

Found this at insomnomaniac:

"Stop! Or I'll say stop again!"

Can someone please tell me how a Muslim policewoman can "perform her duties" if she refuses to touch a man other than her husband, brother or son?

LONDON -- Police said Sunday that a Muslim woman officer had refused to shake hands with London's police chief during a graduation ceremony last month due to her religious beliefs, fanning a debate in Britain over the assimilation of Muslims into society.

The woman - whose identity was not revealed - asked to be excused from the customary handshake with Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair during the ceremony, saying her faith prohibited her from touching a man other than her husband or a close relative.

In a nation where the police don't even carry guns, how is she supposed to subdue a perp?

Can you imagine?

What's next?
"Um, I'd like to be a football referee, but my religion precludes me from working on Sundays. Oh, and I'm blind."

And the world slumbers on, blissfully (and willfully) ignorant of the cancer lurking within...

How the hell can this be? Shouldn't this little issue have surfaced during training? This is the kind of crap you get when you're too busy with social engineering to pay attention to reality. Some people can't be cops. It's just that simple. Cops occasionally have to grab people, if you have some religious prohibition to the grabbing of people, guess what? YOU CAN'T BE A COP ASSHOLE!

New Stuff

I've been busy sticking new stuff up lately, I know, I know, I should be ranting more, but I found some fun stuff. You know you like it when I share, admit it. So, here we go...

New Blog!!! Norse Ramblings..GO, READ, RIGHT FUKKIN NOW!! You'll get a kick out of it and maybe an education too. This is written by one smart lady, you know how smart she is? She's dating me.

New widgets, I put a link to local weather info up by It's a great site that is usually pretty accurate. I do note that the bug is pretty slow on the update though. I also put up a Simpson's terror level indicator because it's the Simpsons and because while terrorism isn't funny, I don't think life should be taken too seriously.

Day by Day has arrived!! I know, what took me so long, Hell I don't know, we'll leave it at old and slow.

Stay tuned for the latest changes, I'm trying to find a remote shock collar for libtards so they get zapped when they try to leave stupid shit in comments, but I haven't found it yet. Personally, I think Emperor Misha I has one but he won't share.

Carry on and return often you might miss something.

That time of the year is approaching

When you need to start thinking about tornado preparedness. Do you have a shelter? Do you have a NOAA Weather alert radio? Do you have a couple days of food and water?

I think it's a good idea to remind yourself that these things drop out of the sky with little or no warning. Please don't be a victim, plan ahead.