Sunday, August 31, 2008

Are You Ready? Are You?

Regular readers will recognize this as something I do from time to time. Usually, I do it closer to the beginning of the Spring Tornado season, but with a couple big storms, one of them a hurricane, bearing down, now might be a good time to mention it again.

Preparedness. You see, there are way too many people out there that think that people who think about survival issues are nuts or psycho militia members waiting for the next war to start. Obama Bin Laden...oops, I mean Osama bin Laden is NOT your only threat. Just take a quick trip over to the website for the National Hurricane Center for a great look at what I'm referring to. Talk to some residents of Oklahoma City about the F-5 tornado that tore through. Nature can and will pose a much more immediate threat than terrorism (Unless people actually manage to elect the Obamessiah).

You see, your safety and survival in the event of a disaster, either man made or natural, is YOUR responsibility. There's that nasty "R" word that the Democrats would like to erase from the language. A government agency like FEMA, is NOT there to keep you safe, they exist to clean up the mess. You want to survive? Don't be part of the mess.

First thought:

Take a couple courses over at the FEMA website. Anyone can take them, they're free of charge and there's some good information there. I took them.

Second thought:

Go read this. H/T Blackfive

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