Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Media Confusion

Another priceless quote today, this is becoming quite the link-o-rama, Now from Dave Workman.

Millions of law-abiding firearms owners should not be slandered by the actions of people who allegedly were plotting to assemble bombs and other devices to murder police. There is a campaign to make gun ownership a thing of the past, but the past weekend's arrests should not become its centerpiece.

He's right, the whole article speaks the truth and you can read it here. I tried to discuss this in my post Faulty Perceptions but I kind of tend to ramble and while I'm still happy with the post, I'm certain it drifted off a bit.

The lamestream media does nothing to distinguish a guy like me, who carries for self defense in accordance with all laws, and these lunatics like the hutteree gang. In fact, I think the obfuscation is intentional. They have an agenda and that agenda does not include allowing people like you and I to continue having the ability (or exercising it) for armed self defense. They want a nation of defenseless sheep, unarmed victims. You've seen the reports about how an armed homeowner shoots a criminal in the dining room and how the "victim" is recovering from the gunshot wound at the local hospital.

The media understands that gun ownership is not as common today as it once was. There are a lot of uninformed people out there that don't know a muzzle from a shoulder thing that goes up. They want those uninformed non gun owners to be afraid of guns so that when the next anti gun matter comes to vote, they vote for it. Probably not because they truly hate guns but because they don't know the truth about them or how to handle them safely. The media wants to breed this fear and lack of understanding.

There are sheep, wolves and sheep dogs. The sheep know the wolves will kill them, but they hate the sheep dog because though protective, the sheep dog still resembles the wolf. The sheep do not understand the difference so they bleat and bleat until the sheep dog is removed. When the wolves attack, there is no sheep dog to protect them and they do not understand that they are the reason why the sheep dog is no more, they just die.


I just picked up this wonderful quote and I want to share it with you. I hope you will read the whole article.

Do you have to join a militia to be militia material? Not at all. You can be militia material if you believe in your greater independence from your very own servants. We all want safe freeways, safe food inspection, and airline safety, but let's not go nuts; servants are servants and their authority is to be limited on our say-so, not expanded on their say-so. Militia material summons servants to their duty with all its limits on servants. Militia material believes in law and due process; it is to invoke it, and to expect from the servants the tolerance for militia under American Law. It is not the electorate, but the servants who do not believe in it who are tearing the country apart.


Prayers Needed

I just learned of the crash of a Navy E2 in the Arabian Sea. One crew member remains missing and a search is underway. Please join me in requesting divine assistance in finding this person safe.

H/T Blackfive

I now have further information from the USNI Blog:

Getting early reports that an E-2C Hawkeye assigned to the VAW-121 (“Bluetails”) is down inthe North Arabian Sea. The crew evidently conducted a controlled bailout and three of the four have been recovered by SAR efforts. Fourth remains missing after four hours.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yeah...Oh Yeah

So, I'm going to steal a page from Brigid's book and rave about the chocolate chip cookies I baked. Not just any cookies though, laced with lots of peanut butter and baked as pan cookies in an 8X11!

Fred Phelps

Oh yeah, you've seen the reference to him here before, usually connected with an obscenity laced missive that not many people read. Well, here's something different. I was reading a mil-blog called Knotties Niche this morning and there's a video up with the perfect answer to Freddie and his clowns. Observe.....oh, precautionary spew warning, swallow the coffee before you hit play.

Monday, March 29, 2010

That Time Of The Year

I try to make is a habit to do a reminder post every spring. Here's the 2010 edition.

Do you know what time if the year it is? Maybe this will remind you:

That's right folks, it's spring time and that means the start of severe weather season in the United States. Hell, there was a Tornado Warning posted for parts of the central and southern east coast last night. So, have you checked your weather alert receiver? Is it working? Got fresh batteries in your flashlights and portable radios? For that matter, do you have fresh batteries in your smoke detectors?

How about your shelter? You do the spring cleaning and supply inspection yet? 3 days worth of food and water at a minimum. What about toilet necessities? Power could be out for a couple days, you may want to keep that stuff in mind. Do you have a week's supply of necessary medications in your shelter? If that weather alert tone sounds at 2AM, you may not have time to grab anything before hell is upon you so preposition some stuff in your shelter. Come fall, you can bring it up and use it normally, but don't survive the storm just to die because you forgot or couldn't access an important medication due to the damage.

I'm not talking about civil unrest here folks, I'm talking about the fury of nature. Those of you living in places like tornado alley are only too familiar with this, but just because you don't live there doesn't mean it can't come for a visit. Be ready, have a plan, have a shelter and be ready for a couple days with no power.

It's that time of the year. Are you ready?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Found At Theo Spark

And I liked it so I thought I'd share it with you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Thought This Might Interest You

I've had a little e mail exchange with Senator Levin. I thought I'd share it:

On Mar 26, 2010 6:37 AM, wrote:

Dear Mr. Strong:

I thought you might appreciate knowing that Thursday afternoon the Senate passed important health care reform legislation.

This bill, the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (H.R.4872), is the second and final step by Congress and the president to enact necessary health care reform measures. This legislation now must be approved by the House of Representatives, which will likely occur Thursday evening, and signed into law by President Obama. The first step in this process, the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L.111-148), took place earlier this week. Together, this landmark package will vastly improve access to and the affordability of health care for millions of Americans.

President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law this past Tuesday. Immediately, small businesses got a tax cut to help defray the costs of providing insurance to their employees. Within three months, people with pre-existing conditions will have access to a special fund to help cover the gap until insurance exchanges, where they can obtain coverage, become operational. And retiree health plans will qualify for a reinsurance program to help lower costs. In October, the federal government will begin helping states set up agencies to help consumers choose new health plans or to challenge unfair decisions by their current insurance plan. Eventually, these agencies will assist consumers enrolling in the insurance exchanges where millions of people will find dependable coverage that meets minimum quality standards at a price they are more likely to afford.

Within six months, insurance reforms will begin to take hold. New health plans will be required to let women see an ob-gyn without seeking insurance company approval. They will be prohibited from denying coverage to children based on pre-existing conditions and required to allow children to remain on their parents’ policies until age 26. Health plans will have to provide preventive care without co-pays or deductibles, and they will be barred from setting lifetime coverage limits. These are historic improvements in our health care system, and they will take place within the first six months after the enactment of this legislation.

With the passage of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (H.R.4872) further improvements to the health care reform bill were made, improvements that many called for so loudly during our December debate. Among other measures, this reconciliation bill will provide equitable Medicaid funding for all states, instead of a select few, will close the Medicare prescription drug “doughnut hole” that hurts so many seniors, and will cut the deficit by an additional $143 billion dollars.

In one sense, the health care debate that came to a close this week has been going on for more than a year. But in another sense, it has been going on for a century. Presidents and members of Congress from both parties, seeing health care costs continually rise, have grappled with this issue ever since President Theodore Roosevelt. Yet, attempts at reform have largely fallen short. They have foundered for many reasons: the subject is personal and complex; the timing has been wrong; the politics have been difficult; and leaders on all sides have failed to find the compromises that would have enabled them to move forward. But, the recurring theme is that time and again, reformers have failed to overcome the enormous obstacles that those who profit from the status quo have been able to erect. And because we have fallen short in the past, Americans today face a health care system that costs too much and too often delivers too little.

The health insurance industry has dominated health care decisions in this country for too long. I voted in favor of this historic legislation to finish the task of bringing landmark change to health care in America.

You may be interested to read my full statement, which is available on my website, at [].

Carl Levin

And my reply:

Be as proud as you can, as long as you can. I will work to see both you and Senator Stabenow thrown out of office.

As you can see, I don't have any friends in Congress.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Minor Problems

I'm having a little temporary internet connection issue which will hopefully be resolved this week. I haven't forgotten you, I'm just not able to get here much.