Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Darwin Strikes Again

I would like you to go read this. Take a towel with you because the laughter that this will provoke is sure to leave you snorting coffee through your nose. You see, it seems that an animal rights flake has become a tasty treat for a cheetah at a zoo in the EUrinal.

The animal rights crowd is, of course, screaming that the zoo is now unsafe and must be closed. How typical is that? You have the brilliant idea to climb into a cage with a carnivorous predator and you're surprised when it eats you? THIS is why I think we just need to let Darwin have his way in the world.

See, it's like this, kitty gets a free meal, the zoo should say thank you for saving us the money. The world has one less stupid person in it, we should all write the animal rights group in question and thank them.

One thing here that really bothers me is, why in the hell would you blame an animal for doing what it does? I used to see this with my ex wife, she would feed peanuts to the local squirrels, then bitch because they dig up her flower bulbs. Honey, that's what squirrels do. You, YOU, encourage them by feeding them, don't bitch when they do squirrel stuff. Same thing here, cheetahs eat meat. YOU are meat! This is kinda shocking isn't it? You are a snack for a cheetah. They don't want you to pet them, they don't want to be nice to you, they want you to die so that they can eat you. It's what they do. They're predators stupid. She's the stupid shit that got into the cage, why is it the animal's fault? For that matter, how does it make the zoo unsafe because YOU were stupid and got into a cage with a meat eating predator? What happened to personal responsibility?

Friday, February 23, 2007


I saw this at Front Sight, Press and it screams for immediate action. This action is wrong and help is urgently required. Please read this and help any way you can.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How sad is it

That the big breaking news story on MSNBC right now is the trial to see who gets custody of Anna Nichole Smith's body? I have to say it...who the hell cares? Just bury the bitch and get it over with. There's so little going on that this is the best the news can do? This planet sucks.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Well, Sort Of

You Are a "Don't Tread On Me" Libertarian

You distrust the government, are fiercely independent, and don't belong in either party.
Religion and politics should never mix, in your opinion... and you feel opressed by both.
You don't want the government to cramp your self made style. Or anyone else's for that matter.
You're proud to say that you're pro-choice on absolutely everything!

THIS Explains Alot

You Are 96% Misanthropic

You are misanthropic to the point of being scary. In your view, people are a disease.
You may want to lighten up a little - before you become a super villian!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Let's do something fun...second attempt

No one wanted to play the last time, so let's try again.

A bit different this time though.

Tell me what you want me to rant about and I'll do it. It's your turn to take control of the rant.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I Know

Posting has been slow lately. I'll get to it soon. This is one of those periods you go through when life interferes with fun.