Friday, March 23, 2007

Thoughts on .40 S&W

Kim du Toit has some thoughts on the .40 S&W which seems to be the current "sexy" round. So sexy, in fact, that one of my local gun shops has tons of .40 and damn little .45ACP.

I myself prefer the .45ACP. I've shot 9mm and just not impressed with it. I look at things this way...

850fps doesn't seem impressive in light of todays super high velocity ammo. I'll let you have that point, but I'm alot more sure that my 850fps .45ACP round isn't going to tear through a goblin and home in on a baby carriage down the block. Can you say that about a 1300fps 9mm? Looking at things in that light, I'm not even comfy with .357 magnum anymore.

Don't ever forget that YOU are responsible for that projectile. .45ACP fits me just nice.

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