Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I just spotted this post by John Longnecker while reading a link from KABA. You should go read it and then just think about it. You know he's right. Again, I have a very hard time understanding leftards. The facts fly high for all to see and they somehow manage to be able to ignore and twist it.

The even more amazing thing is the number of people who believe it. How the hell can D.C.'s mayor tell the media that the gun ban has reduced violent crime in D.C. when the statistics, which are available from the FBI, clearly show that Washington D.C. is one of the most violent cities in America? How can one possibly deny the reports from England and Australia clearly showing rising violent crime in the wake of gun bans? This isn't just a supposition on my part, it's clearly documented.

How can the leftards step out and say that the 2nd Amendment is a collective right when none of the rest of the Constitution or Bill of Rights is? Why would the founding fathers make everything else individual except the 2nd Amendment? They didn't. Read the letters, read the federalist and even the anti federalist papers. Just google them. You don't have to wonder what the founding fathers were thinking or what they believed. It's all in writing, all you have to do is take the time to read it.

This is why this country is in such disarray. Too many sheeple willing to just follow the herd and be fed the pablum in the lame stream media. Unwilling to look for themselves and be educated. Open your eyes, learn for yourself, stop following the herd. The herd is led by a Judas Goat leading you to slaughter.

Look around you while you still can. Read your history. Genocide is almost always preceded by disarming the populace. Look at Darfur for a great example. Fight now or be a slave later it's that simple. The United States is already being invaded by illegal aliens what's next? Start writing your congress critters and giving them their instructions, they do work for you ya know.

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