Saturday, March 10, 2007

I can't see any forest...there's trees in the way

So the federal court of appeals in D.C. has struck down the unconstitutional gun ban. Great! I love it, I really do. Now let the whining begin. This is big internet news so I won't bother you with a bunch of links, because it's everywhere, but you may want to go over to KABA for resources.

This is a city that leads the nation in murder rates for it's size. But there has been a gun ban. Drugs run rampant, gangs are everywhere, but there's a gun ban. Almost daily shootings, but there's a gun ban. Hey asshole, the ban doesn't work. Look to England to see how well gun bans work.

The second amendment has never been about hunting, it's always been about defense of self and state. The people are the people, all of them, and the second amendment is an individual right, always has been always will be. Everywhere the citizens have been disarmed, they have either become slaves, or dead.

A cop gets shot and it's the guns fault. An inanimate object, just got up and killed all by itself. No one helped, so we have to ban them, ban them all, they're all killers. Are you as tired of this insane drivel as I am? Look, bottom line. If you enact more gun bans, the only thing that is affected is the ability of honest, law abiding citizens to defend themselves against the scum of the earth. It was already illegal to shoot at the police, we don't need another law. I have a much better solution.

Let's ban stupidity. I know that 90% of the planet will have to be killed, but show me the down side of that. If we got rid of the stupid people we wouldn't have alot of the problems that we have now. No more unwanted kids by females that can't seem to keep their legs together. No crime, because the criminals are inherently stupid, so that takes care of that. No more radical Islam, because suicide bombing is definitely stupid. Visualize a dumb shit free society.

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Well spoken....I concur..