Saturday, March 31, 2007

I see the hole getting deeper

First, H/T to Alarming News, which I found on Emperor Misha's sidebar. I think you need to go read this. I blogged a couple months ago about the towel headed Neanderthal taxi drivers in Minneapolis refusing to carry passengers who were in possession of alcohol.

Well now, the followers of the 7th century pedophile prophet who are cashiers at Target stores in Minnesota want to stop having to scan stuff like bacon and pepperoni pizza. This is absolutely INSANE! Why the fuck are we allowing this? This is NOT an Islamic nation, why are we letting these religious terrorists dictate to us? Where are Americas gonads? I know we used to have them, we had them in the 80's well, maybe the was just Reagan (god I miss him).

I'll go over this one more time...This is America, we do things our own way here. Our culture is defined by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our language is English as evidenced by the fact that those documents are written in English. You accepted a job in a grocery store. No one forced you. You know, by your own experience shopping, what grocery stores sell. If it was going to be a problem for you in a religious sense, then you shouldn't have accepted the job. This is religious activism plain and simple.

If you don't like things here, go home. If you don't want to fit in to American society, go home. If you want to practice Islam and force everyone around you to tip toe around your religious beliefs, go home. Just get the fuck out of my country. You're damn lucky that I wasn't the manager as I would have fired your ass right on the spot. You accepted the job, shut the fuck up and just do it.

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