Monday, March 05, 2007

Excuse me?

Found this at insomnomaniac:

"Stop! Or I'll say stop again!"

Can someone please tell me how a Muslim policewoman can "perform her duties" if she refuses to touch a man other than her husband, brother or son?

LONDON -- Police said Sunday that a Muslim woman officer had refused to shake hands with London's police chief during a graduation ceremony last month due to her religious beliefs, fanning a debate in Britain over the assimilation of Muslims into society.

The woman - whose identity was not revealed - asked to be excused from the customary handshake with Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair during the ceremony, saying her faith prohibited her from touching a man other than her husband or a close relative.

In a nation where the police don't even carry guns, how is she supposed to subdue a perp?

Can you imagine?

What's next?
"Um, I'd like to be a football referee, but my religion precludes me from working on Sundays. Oh, and I'm blind."

And the world slumbers on, blissfully (and willfully) ignorant of the cancer lurking within...

How the hell can this be? Shouldn't this little issue have surfaced during training? This is the kind of crap you get when you're too busy with social engineering to pay attention to reality. Some people can't be cops. It's just that simple. Cops occasionally have to grab people, if you have some religious prohibition to the grabbing of people, guess what? YOU CAN'T BE A COP ASSHOLE!

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