Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is Truly Vile

I was reading the Rott, which lead me to Michelle Malkin where I found this the truly most vile desecration of the American flag I have ever witnessed and a blatant violation of US Flag Code.

I am enraged, I am mortified, I am sickened.

Are the Osticka armbands and stiff arm salutes too much further off?

I thought the zombiecorps was finished but apparently I was mistaken.


Brigid said...

When Obama leased a plane for his campaign, one with a very prominent US flag on the tail, the first thing he did was paint over the flag and put up his own campaign symbol.

When the democrats were done with the decorative flags at the convention they threw them in the trash.

It's telling.

Warthog said...

It's frightening.