Friday, January 16, 2009

New Blog and News

I found a new blog that I really like. I like it because it's fresh and honest. The lady is funny and smart and just getting through life like the rest of us, but blogging the good parts. I think you should read her stuff and enjoy it. So, go check out Chromed Curses, if for no other reason than because she has the sexiest weather station on the web.

And now for news...

I have begun to notice that there are some very cool blogs out there that have been written by ladies that either are or were over in the sandbox. I have started reading a couple of these and I'm rapidly becoming a fan. It's fresh and it's thoughtful and it's a different perspective than one usually gets from a male mil-blogger.

Did I mention that they are also hyper sexy and have guns? What could be better than that?

Yeah, I know, but they're not gonna spend the weekend at Casa de Warthog so wishful thinking continues.


LL said...

Thanks, sugar, but I think you picked the worst time to stop by and then endorse me. All my recent posts are alcohol fueled. The Jack Daniels Pixies are creative, but the rest of me isn't.

By the way, Pink from Pink's War...she's kick ass.

Warthog said...

Ya know what? It's all good.

Yeah, Pink does kick ass, I may link her up as well.