Monday, January 05, 2009

More Good Reading

You should wander over to Front Sight, Press and give this article a read. A little missive from Gabe Suarez that I think you'll find interesting. Gabe is a pretty knowledgeable guy and his writings make a lot of sense. You could look him up on the internet and he has some stuff over at YouTube too. He has several really good things on arm's length encounters that are well worth looking over.

Now that I said all that, I'm going to say this:

There's a comment on there, number 3 to be exact, that made me think.

The commenter says:

A final consideration that came to mind as I pulled out the plastic. As the days of the 2nd Amendment come to a close a firearm with no clips to lose and fewer parts to break is a big plus.

I have a couple things to say about that. Some of it, I said over there since I'm comment 4, but I want to hit on it here. You see, I'm not so sure that 2A is going anywhere anytime soon. Heller is going to be a huge help in preserving it. So are you, if you can remember 1 very important thing. America is a representative republic. The biggest part of government is supposed to be YOU. I think America has forgotten that over the last 30-40 years. People (or should I say sheeple) have become content to just follow the herd and then complain because we have "government gone wild". They have forgotten that any dog will get out of control should it's owner neglect it. That's what we have here, our dog is out of control because we the people (owners) have neglected it so that without our direction, the big businesses and special interest groups have held sway. We need to roll up the newspaper (ballot) and swat the dog. The dog of government needs to be housebroken again so that we don't step in it's excrement in the living room anymore.

The second thing I wanted to say about the above comment is this:

The commenter writes about having fewer parts to lose or break. This SHOULD be a primary consideration with EVERY gun you buy. In any of the shooting disciplines, when you pull the trigger, you need a BANG. A click or silence just sucks. Don't forget that there are steps to buying a gun. Fit and dependability are the first 2, then controlability and stopping power. I say fit first because if the gun doesn't fit you and feel right, you won't use it. That's why I don't own any Glocks. They don't fit me. Then, does (will) it go BANG every time you pull the trigger? Can you control it for faster follow up shots? Remember, the lighter the gun, the more muzzle flip and perceived recoil you get making follow up shots a bit more difficult. Then stopping power. A .38 will do better than a .22 but a .45 trumps both for raw power but true stopping power is also a factor of putting solid hits in vital areas which leads us back to fit and dependability and throws in the spectre of lots and lots of practice. For carry anyway, at home, there's no criminal on earth that won't piss their pants over the satisfying ka-chunk of a 12ga pump racking.

Anyway, there's my opinion. You wanted it or you wouldn't have come.

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