Saturday, April 21, 2007

Playoff Hockey

I want to take a break from political stuff and talk about playoff hockey. This is my favorite time of the year. I love hockey all the time, but playoff hockey is just special.

I'll start with my favorite NHL team, the Dallas Stars. I want to start this by telling all the Turco haters out there to just go suck an egg. If the Stars check out in the first round this year, you can't blame Turco. Not this time. He's delivered. His team hasn't delivered the goals, plain and simple. Turco has kept them in every game so far including 3 shutouts and hasn't lost by more than a goal yet. He forced game 7 tonight with a shutout. If they don't advance, point at the rest of the team this time, it's not Turco's fault and I don't want to hear any shit.

Now I'll move on to my local team, the Kalamazoo Wings in the United Hockey League. They took out a tough Flint Generals team tonight to move to the conference championship game against an extremely tough Muskegon Fury team. Congratulations to the Kalamazoo Wings and my best wishes for them to win the conference and proceed to the UHL title series.

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