Friday, April 13, 2007

Don Imus

I would bet that there are those among you that wonder why I haven't chimed in on this. Reason number 1...I just don't care. From what little I heard of his show, he was a big mouthed idiot anyway. I really think the "shock jock" thing has run it's course.

I have to agree with some others who have opined that the only reason he got what he got was because it was a predominately black team, had it been a predominately white team and he had made a jab at them, most people would have laughed and said something like "damn, what a moron" and it would have been forgotten.

Thus is the double standard in America today. Young black rappers can throw nigga and hoe around like badges of honor but you let a white guy do it and it's racist hate speech. Michelle Malkin has an outstanding post up where she exposes rap lyrics for the hateful racist/sexist crap that they truly are. I personally have always found that genre of music to be hateful, sexist, racist, violent and obscene. Lacking talent is just icing on the cake.

I really think this is one of Michelle's key points:

One dumb radio/television shock jock's insult is a drop in the ocean of barbaric filth and anti-female hatred on the radio.

There have been lyrics glorifying the killing of police officers, rape, murder, holy christ, when does it stop? And every damn one of them want to be protected under the first amendment. Oh god forbid these black artists be charged with hate speech crimes that any white guy would be instantly charged with had he taken some of those same lyrics and changed them to kill blackie. Like I say, double standard. Remember your Orwell...some pigs are more equal than other pigs.

How come everyone demands Imus gets tarred and feathered when the mirror image of this has been happening in the rap community for years? It's bullshit and it need to stop. I'm sick of this fukkin PC (spit*spit) motivated crap. I'm sick of this double standard. I've met some people in the black community that have been extremely well spoken and intelligent. Wonderful role models for any child. Where's the rest of the community? I know that the average black person isn't like what you see in a rap video, at least, I sure hope not.

Where, black community, is your outrage over how your own sons and daughters are portraying your community? Have you no leaders that see the damage being done here? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are all about headlines, they are not your leaders. They wish only to spread hate and divide the problem even further. Where are the leaders of your businesses and your churches? Who stands up to say "Hey, this is wrong, our community isn't like this, stop"?

I don't know who this leader is, but I will say that I'll have a hell of alot more respect for your community if/when you find him/her.

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