Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MSM stupidity

Go off and read this newspaper article and then answer a question for me?

When did the Sig P220 become a revolver?

What a bunch of dumbasses, where's the editor? Where's the base knowledge of the subject before one prints something?

The statement that really got me was this one:

TROY -- The Troy Police will switch to a new service revolver later this spring, Chief Nicholas Kaiser said.

The city will allocate $45,000 to buy 120 of the nine-shot Sig Sauer P220 pistols, Kaiser said.

As a special bonus, the writer's email address is available by clicking on his name at the top of the article. Just in case you wanna set him straight.


He answered my email. I thought that was nice of him.

Thank you for your message. I spoke to an editor about it.
I used service revolver as a descriptive term about a weapon
issued to a police officer.
A clarification should run explaining that the Sig Sauer P220 is
a semi-automatic.
Please contact me at any time.
Thank you,
Ken Crowe

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