Monday, April 16, 2007

How can this be?

Check it out:

Students Shot in Classroom, Dorm at Virginia Tech
BLACKSBURG, Va. (April 16) — One person was killed and seven or eight more were shot in a dorm and in a classroom on the Virginia Tech campus Monday before police arrested a suspected gunman, officials told The Associated Press.

Police confirmed they had a suspect in custody, the university said on its Web site.

On the Web site, Tech confirmed the shooting at opposite ends of the 2,600-acre campus at West Ambler Johnston, a residence hall, and reported “multiple victims” at Norris Hall, an engineering building.

The university said in a news release there were multiple victims. Government officials with knowledge of the case said there were seven to eight other “casualties.”

Students were asked to stay in their homes away from windows.

“There’s just a lot of commotion. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on,” said student Jason Anthony Smith, 19, who lives in the building where shooting took place.

The shooting was reported at West Ambler Johnston Hall.

Officials ordered the campus closed, the second time in less than a year the 26,000-student campus was shut because of a shooting.

But, but .... guns aren't allowed on campus for the sake of student safety.

H/T The Voice

*UPDATE* news is now saying 22 dead. Take heart, your schools and Universities are SO much safer because no one can carry a gun. The students have no need of self defense, Father University will protect them.


Gunman kills 32 + himself. 1 armed student probably would have lowered that number a bunch.

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