Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some Changes

You may notice a few changes. I updated the template to something a little easier to work with (I thought). I can no longer force the links to open in a new window, but it's easer to get links in there so I guess we'll have to live with it.

I deleted a couple links that are just not posting very often.

I added Gun Stuff. The Southside Sportsman Club is where I do all my shooting. It's located in Battle Creek, MI and is a very nice place to shoot with a very helpful staff.

Springfield armory should need no introduction.

Cheaper Than Dirt and Pistoleer are a couple places to go get toys for your gun(s).

Go. Visit. Enjoy.


Kyrie said...

I like the new look! It's very easy on the eyes. I may not comment often, but just wanted you to know that I do stop by every few days to see what's up here!

Warthog said...

Thanks kyrie, you have no idea how much I appreciate it.