Friday, November 10, 2006

New Era II

I've been continuing to think about this for the last couple days. I'm starting to get downright queasy. Now I read that W wants to go ahead and pass the illegal alien amnesty that the repubs wouldn't let him last year. Just fuckin wonderful. I would like to suggest a letter writing campaign to all the congress critters and W himself letting them all know that we don't want this to happen. It's not gonna affect W too much, he's a lame duck and has nothing to lose, but the rest of them might just get nervous enough to drop the issue if a sufficiently large number of us contact them.

I see it shaking down this way. The dummycraps aren't gonna do anything real stupid for the next couple of years. They probably believe that they can carry the white house in '08. I'm not real happy with some of the things that have been done and not done over the last term. I know most of my readers will agree with that. We must not, however, allow a dummycrap in the white house. You can bet that the libs are just waiting to make sure they have the power to get a new assault weapon ban going, and this time I'm sure there will be confiscations involved.

I almost hate to do this, as it could be a bit redundant seeing as I posted it way back when in the blog-city days, and I'm pretty sure it was a post I moved over here, but I want you to go read this article, please. I think that if the dems take the white house in '08, we may have to get together as a pro-constitution group and find an answer to this question. I think they'll finally come after our guns. I think they may just try to dismember the constitution. I think they may try to sell us out to the UN .

I hope I'm wrong, but I fear that I'm not. Look at who the front runners are for the dummies. You really think the Hildebeast will leave our guns alone? I think you're dreaming if you do. I keep suggesting letter writing campaigns because I think we need to remind the elected morons in guvmint that they do indeed work for us, us goddammit, not big business, not the special interest groups, us, we the people. I wouldn't wait until the first of the year if I was you. I'd start writing now right now. Voice your displeasure loudly and clearly, but politely or you get written off as a crank, and tell them what they're gonna do. This nation was founded on 3 words: WE THE PEOPLE, don't let those assholes forget it, EVER.

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