Monday, July 17, 2006

Why I Could Never be President

Yeah, the thought crossed my mind. It would never happen for a few basic reasons. First of all, I consider the idea of politically correct speech to be a violation of the first amendment. Second, I think the whole of the United States should have carry laws like Vermont does. Third, if I was president, that damn wall on the southern border would already have been built. The illegal aliens would have already been deported too.

I think that any city that considers itself a "safe zone" and refuses to turn illegal aliens over to INS for deportation, should forfeit all federal funding. I also think the U.N. should be thrown out of the United States.

I think there should be a constitutional amendment that makes it illegal for any person not a U.S. citizen, to own property in the United States. It should be illegal for any business or corporation not owned by a U.S. citizen to own property in the U.S..

I think that any corporation or business that sends it's labor overseas, or gets it's materials from overseas, should be taxed extra hard. But a business or corporation that is based in America, that uses U.S. labor and materials should be afforded tax breaks. The only way you can have a domestic car is if it's 100% American built with 100% American parts and labor and built by a 100% American owned company. And hey car companies.....Mexico is NOT part of America.

I think the idea of multi-culturalism is a bunch of crap. You decided to move to America. In doing so, you leave your culture behind and adopt ours, which is defined by the Constitution. We do not need to adapt ourselves to you. You must adapt yourself to US! You need to learn English. You need to learn U.S. history. We don't need to be sensitive to you, you adapt to us. If you don't like that, there's one great thing about living in a free can feel free to leave any damn time.

War on terror. Ever wonder why some very powerful societies lose wars? Because they're engaging in an act which is, at it's roots, uncivilised, but they try to be civilised about how they conduct it. What the hell is that? If you're gonna fight, win! That easy. You win by totally eradicating your enemies. You didn't come over to play patty cake.

Same thing with crime. The street gangs that are popping up all over the place, rule by fear. They're totally ruthless. If we're gonna fight that, we have to be just as ruthless, if not even more so. Everyone wants to crow about illegal guns. That is always going to be an issue. But what's the good of more laws? The laws are usually just penalising the law abiding anyway. Criminals don't pay attention to laws, that's what makes them criminals. I think it would be alot better to enforce the laws we already have and have stiffer penalties.

Foreign aid. Fuck foreign aid. What about Detroit aid? Los Angeles aid? Why don't we put that money into housing? Road reconstruction? Speaking of which, I have a plan for that too. You know what all branches of the military have in common? They all have engineers or construction troops. All of which have lots of training and equipment. We're already paying them. Why not put them to good use?

I'd even eliminate welfare. It's a drain on society. Be productive, get a job, earn money or fucking starve. I think if America put America first, there would be more jobs. That garbage about illegal aliens doing jobs that Americans won't do? Well, if they get hungry enough they by god will.

I know some of you wonder about my stand on gay rights. I don't wanna know what you do behind closed doors. Any rights you have, you have because you are a human and you live in America and those rights are protected by the Constitution. Who you have sex with is none of anyone's business as long as it's a fellow consenting adult.

Abortion. I don't have an opinion on abortion. I'm not entitled to one. I'm a man. Abortion is a decision that needs to be kept between a woman and her doctor. Men have no jurisdiction over women's bodies.

Well, that's enough of this. No one is going to elect me anyway. When the next election comes up remember. Vote for the person best qualified, not the most popular. Piss on the polls and read for yourself. There's more than just 2 political parties ya know.

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