Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I wonder if it's time yet?

A while back, I posted on my other blog a question. When is it time to start shooting to protect our rights? I was just surfing over at Keep and Bear arms (a website you should read daily) and I saw this article. Now I feel that I must pose the question again. Is it time to start shooting? What should the residents of Illinois, now known as the People's Republic of Illinois (PRI) do should this matter actually pass? Comrade Blagojevich apparently intends to send the stormtroopers out to get the guns of the law-abiding citizens. This is in direct violation of the US Constitution. I wonder too, what the Navy is going to do? Great Lakes is in the PRI and there's guns there, will Comrade Blagojevich send his stormtroopers there too? And what about the Air Guard, isn't there, or didn't there used to be an Air Guard refueling unit at O'Hare? I bet they have guns too.

I think step one should be to remove the PRI from the union. They want to do things their own way? Fine, but do it without any federal funding or support. Wall the state off and let them rot. I think all the patriots left in the PRI should just move on out. All the gun manufacturers should leave too. Hey Springfield Armory, I bet you could find a new home in Michigan.

You know what I find really sad about this? I bet the sheeple will stand by silently and just let this outrage take place. I bet there will be no calls to the congresscritters saying "Stop this now". I bet there will be no fight.

I call this a warning my friends and you had better heed it well. All it takes for evil to reign is for good men to do nothing, and the good men in America seem to have been neutered or have lost their voices. Pay attention, don't be sheeple, you have to take action, you have to write your congresscritters, you have to make your voice heard. If you've ever sat watching or reading the news and wondered how the idiotarians got power, it's probably because you don't say anything, you don't do anything, you just ride along and let it happen.

What are you going to do when the stormtroopers come for your rights?

Don't laugh. Don't take the attitude that it can never happen here. It will, look what's happening in the PRI right now. I bet they said it won't happen here too.

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