Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here's Your Gun Free Zone

I was reading over at Kim du Toit and I found this post. I think it should be read as widely as possible. The place where this happened was a gun free zone. As you read through the article, you will see that 5 people were injured in this attack, one is in critical condition and that the attack was stopped by a civilian with a gun outside the store.

As a person that believes most strongly in the Constitution as the ultimate law of the land, I ask myself this question: What if the citizen had had the gun inside the store? Would 5 people have been hurt? Would the attack have taken place at all? One thing to keep in mind here is that the store where the attack took place is an anti second amendment establishment and that it's doors are well posted with signs prohibiting the carry of weapons, even by lawfully armed citizens. The attacker was an employee who no doubt knew that no one iside would be armed and would be able to stop him. Please note that once confronted in the parking lot, by an armed citizen, that he surrendered immediately.

So, the people who owned the store decided to not allow guns inside it so as to "keep our employees and our customers safe". It didn't work out too well now, did it?

I know this kind of thing doesn't probably work, but it makes me feel better, and maybe it will make you feel better too. If you live in a state that allows concealed carry, and there are businesses that prohibit concealed carry, don't patronise them. I don't. Not ever. NOT. ONE. DIME. I only make one exception to that rule and that's my local UHL Hockey team because they didn't have a choice in the matter, the state did that for them when they passed the law. Not that I go to all that many games. I don't use stores or banks that have no guns signs on them. I don't want to be a victim so you can make a political statement.

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