Monday, May 31, 2010

New Link

I'm putting up a new link to the Southside Sportsman Club / Freedom Firearms in Battle Creek, MI. This is where I do all of my shooting and where I bought my new Springfield Armory XD .45. They have a fair selection of guns and accessories in stock for being a small shop and they usually have a good supply of the most common calibers of handgun ammo in stock.

The owners, Joel and Jared Fulton are NRA certified instructors and teach Michigan CPL courses at regular and frequent intervals. They are also very involved the RKBA issues both in Michigan and Nationally. Now that I have them linked, I'll try to get them to post more, but they're pretty busy guys.

And they also have the world's coolest mailbox, shown here with (hopefully) future Governor of Michigan, Mike Cox and the creator of the mailbox, Steve Horihan.


Brigid said...

I want that mailbox!

Warthog said...

You want me to get you some contact info?