Saturday, May 22, 2010

Look What I Missed

Sucks when your internet is down for a few days, you miss some really stunning stuff.

Let me start by saying R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. I loved your music and you will be missed.

Now, here's a bit of turnabout that I encountered while reading over at the Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler.

I think it would be very cool for everyone to write a letter of support to the State of Arizona and let them know we support their efforts to actually enforce the law and that we think they should stand fast against the panty wetting liberals. In's the contact information from the Governor's website:

The Governor's Office is located in the
Executive Tower at the State Capitol

The full mailing address is:
The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Telephone (602) 542-4331
Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883
Fax (602) 542-1381

Brigid has a great post up shooting holes (pun intended) in the "wild west" hysteria that the anti gun crowd likes to try to sell.

Well hell, there's good stuff on all of my links and I hope you take the time to click and read all of them.

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