Saturday, February 07, 2009

Michael Phelps

I had a ton of respect for this guy after Beijing. 8 Gold medals and was it 6 or 7 world records? Not many mortals can do that.

Today, I have a lot more respect for him as he has become a better role model than he was before. I'm not talking about the possibility that he smoked some pot at a party. I'm talking about the fact that he manned up, admitted his error and said he deserves his punishment.

The way kids are always trying to find something or someone else to blame stuff on, this struck me as a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone to show that it's OK to take responsibility for one's actions. To publicly state that when you screw up, you need to be punished. To NOT whine about it but to accept it, admit the error and just move on. PRICELESS! That is exactly the role model I want for my kids.

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