Sunday, February 22, 2009

Civil War?

So, I've been wondering about all of the comparisons between Obama and Lincoln. My first thought was that unlike Lincoln, I would prefer to live through my term in office, but Pat Dollard thinks there could be something a bit more sinister at work here.

I'm not real big on conspiracy theories but I do notice that there may be something to this. Look at the number of states that are asserting their sovereignty under the 10th Amendment. Were they doing that during the last 8 years? Not that I heard about, this has been developed since the Obamessiah took office.

Now, where I'm going with this is...

What do we do about it? Again, I find myself asking if we should be doing more to organize a united front. We still don't have any National leadership that will step up and say the place is here, the time is now. Don't get me wrong here, I don't think said leadership should come out publicly, to do so would just paint targets on their foreheads, but something quiet could be done. There's a bunch of like minded bloggers out there that are probably wondering the same thing.


Mulligan said...

Any kind of 'revolt' would have to be nationwide. If it starts small and tries to grow, the MSM and .gov will paint a twisted picture for those not close enough to see for themselves. For now it's a 'war' of public opinion.

Warthog said...

Exactly what I suggest. I have made that very post on a couple of occasions.