Saturday, November 10, 2007


I made a comment yesterday about how my TTLB ecosystem ranking slipped drastically. I was joking about it because I did this silly thing that said my blog has a college post grad reading level. Now I don't think that has anything to do with it in reality and I also don't think you have to be quite that good a reader for the drivel that I post anyway. But I digress, I was reading my pet blogs today and I noticed that ALL of them are at a lower ranking than they used to be, even the lovely and talented Tam's rating has slipped.

I wonder if something screwy is happening over at TTLB that is messing our rankings up?

Since I mentioned her, I'm going to throw a link to Tam's blog, if you like smart, hot chicks with guns, you'll love Tam.

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Shamalama said...

Mine dropped to 0 for a few days last week, and today it's back up to normal. Maybe they're doing some housecleaning over there.