Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh, here's something to think about

Again from Syd over at Front Sight, Press is a nice article on a recent shooting at a highway rest stop. These are places where you really need to crank up your situational awareness. You just never know when some scumbag is going to corner you. There's all kinds of crazies out there and you do not want to be caught unarmed or unaware.

There's lots of great tips in this little missive and you should take all of them to heart. Try to remember some of the most important little rules when traveling our nation's highways.

1. Route yourself around GFW states like Illinois and Wisconsin. If they won't let you carry, don't go there.

2. Keep your head on a swivel. There is no excuse for someone sneaking up on you.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice. Have someone behind you screaming in your ear. Shoot on the move. Practice rapid reloads. The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat. Ratchet up the stress on your practice time.

4. Take the time to sit with your loved ones and explain to them precisely what you want them to do if the black flag goes up. In all of the writings I have seen on defensive shootings, I very rarely see any that address this. Your loved ones have to know what to do if you get encountered by a bad situation. You need to know where they're going to go and they need to know where you want them to go. That is for everyone's safety. Your and theirs. In that situation, you're drawing your weapon to protect your loved ones, make sure they know what to do also.

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