Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Boldly Steal a Phrase From David Codrea...

We're the Only Ones safe enough to be allowed to carry guns in public. The common citizen just doesn't have the training necessary......OOPS another candidate for the Lee Paige gun safety award.

Robert J. Stewart, 55, was demonstrating the use of a 9mm Smith & Wesson semiautomatic pistol at about 7:51 p.m. at the firing range when he shot himself in the upper right thigh in front of 24 recruits and several instructors at Butler Tech’s Public Safety Education Center, said Butler County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chuck Laymon.

You remember Lee Paige don't you? I never get sick of posting this:

Just too funny. I'm the only one in this room professional enough, that I know of, to carry a Glock .40...BANG. Shoulda left the bullet in your pocket Barney.

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