Monday, April 12, 2010

Thunder Run

I get e mails from Thunder Run which list headlines from a whole bunch of mil-blogs from around the world. I thought I might share it with all of you since he sent some code to embed. So, if it works, here you go...enjoy.

In today's From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run

She Who Waits: Confession
270 Days in Afghanistan: Army Service Awards
A Little Pink in a World of Camo: Coping
Afghanistan My Last Tour: Time is Running Out
Afghanistan My Last Tour: ANA On Their Own
al Sahwa: Shifting Focus to Kandahar
Katherine Tiedemann: Daily brief: Afghan outrage after NATO troops kill 4 civilians
Martine van Bijlert: Karzai and confusion in Kabul
Army Poet: What We All Want...
C.J. Chivers: Afghan Marksmanship: Pointing, Not Aiming
David Bellavia: Unapologetic About the Greatness of the American Warrior Spirit
Free Range International: Death in the Morning
Bruce R: Shocked... shocked
Scott Fontaine: Reflecting on six months of war
Helmand Blog - Afghanistan: 3 RIFLES improve security along Helmand road
TankerBabe: Remembering Dad; The Milbloggies; Incredible Friends
Helmand Blog - Afghanistan: ANA and 1 SCOTS distribute school books to Afghan kids
Insight of the Moment: More nothing, with some stuff in between
IraqPundit: Friendly Chat
Jalalabad Fab Lab blog: Coalition of the Willing 2.0
The Kitchen Dispatch: Tired of War
Manatee's Military Moms: A SMART gift: Unconditional love
One Marine's View: 120 Days of Wind in Afghanistan
One Marine's View: A HOT ONE today...
Ramblings from a painter: Jon Voight
Red Bull Rising: The Sun Also Rises ... on Red Bulls
Red Bull Rising: More than Rumors of War
Ranger Up: Keeping The Home Fires Lit
GRUNTSHIT: David Lane April 3, 1987 - Sept 4, 2007
The Torch: Our vanishing Provincial Reconstruction Team at Kandahar?
David Axe: Debating Chowkay Valley Engagement
Nathan Hodge: Afghans Report More Roadside Bombs, Attacks on the Rise
Home From Iraq: Celebrity (Author) in the House--Dr. Charles W. Hoge
Yellow Rose: TWO events worth your while
ROFASix: Apache Combat Video - Was it Murder?
The Captain's Journal: Strange Counterinsurgency: The Marines Join Other Tribes!
Michael Yon: Under Cover of the Night
Yankeemom: Waiting
News from the Home Front:
Graduating to the next battle
News from the Front:

The vice president bears good news from Iraq
Iraq war video raises more than just ethical and legal questions
Iran Wants Sunnis in Iraqi Politics
Allawi's secularism may not fly in today's Iraq
Iraqi Alliance Questions Vote Count in Election
Iraqi PM's Alliance: Election Tainted by Up to 750,000 Fraudulent Votes
1-9 and Provincial Reconstruction Team Support Iraqi Election Process
Sniper Training Provides 'combat Multiplier' for Iraqi Army
IJC Operational Update, April 12
Joint Team Assessing Civilian Casualty Incident in Zhari
Taliban pushed out of Swat make 'Kala Dhaka' their new terror base
5 Afghan deminers killed in roadside bombing
Four dead as US loses first Osprey in Afghanistan
Compromising with the Taliban
Learning to work with our man in Afghanistan
The U.S. can't ignore Karzai's tantrum
Kabul park offers Afghan women a taste of freedom and opportunity
In Kandahar, coaxing Afghan police into training
Afghan air force struggles to take off
Nato troops accused of opening fire on civilian bus in Kandahar
Taliban wants France to arrange detainee swap
NATO gunfire kills 4 on bus, sparks protests
Key Afghan town still at risk, U.S. general says
Poison swirls around Hamid Karzai and Barack Obama
Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, threatens to block Nato offensive
U.S. seeks to ease strained relations with Afghanistan
Obama Administration Calls Karzai 'A Reliable Partner'
Senior Officials Discuss Way Ahead in Afghanistan
Update on Afghan Police Training
Canada Pledges Additional Personnel to Train ANSF

The Thunder Run'sFrom the Front is a daily series that highlights news and personal dispatched from the front and the home front.
This is not a secret post, please, post it on your blog, share it with your friends and families and anyone else who wants to know what is really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan and how our military families cope with this war.

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