Saturday, April 24, 2010

Political Groups

I'm enjoying all the different political groups out there right now from the panty wetters at the Brady Campaign and the outright liars at the Southern Preposterous Lie Center to the bold individuals of the Oathkeepers. Each has their pet agenda. Each wants you to toe the group line when choosing a candidate for office. Therein lies the problem.

This nation has more than just one issue facing it, more than just one thing that needs attention. If we go only by our pet group, we wind up with a political environment that has candidate #1 saying lower taxes, candidate #2 saying repeal obambi/pelosi/reidcare, candidate #3 saying secure the borders, candidate #4 saying strengthen the military and on and on and on. What we wind up with is 10 candidates for 1 seat.

There are far too many people who fail to educate themselves on the issues and where the various candidates stand on them. They shuffle into the booth like a zombie and hit the button for their favorite party and shuffle out. This is how we got into this mess folks. There's really not much of a split between the parties anymore. The Dems move further left and the Repubs have completely forgotten their core values and move left so they don't get too far away.

We have to stop voting for parties and start voting for people who stand for what we believe in. Yes, I do want the Second Amendment protected but I also want the borders secured and illegal immigrants to be considered the criminals that they actually are. I want an end to wasteful spending and lower taxes, but I want an environment created that attracts business rather than chasing it away. I want a strong, well trained and well equipped military, but I also would prefer not having to use them. I no longer give a damn how the rest of the world feels about America, I want America to do what is in her best interests and fuck the rest of the world. (OK, disclaimer, that sounded good but I never really gave a damn what the rest of the world thought about us) I want the government to return to it's powers as outlined by the Constitution and get the fuck out of my life.

We need to cast our votes for candidates that will pledge to stand up for all of these things. We need to stop looking at the parties and start looking at the individual people and where they stand on all of the issues and if they don't want to answer our questions, then we need to hound them until we get our answers. They work for us you know. The best weapon we have to change the government is a well educated electorate.


Mulligan said...

Oathkeepers is kind of unique in that it doesn't support or oppose any specific person for office. Their mission is meant to be a reminder to serving or aspiring public servants that they should not ignore the Constitution and their oath of office.

Warthog said...

I know, I also know how much lib-tards cringe when you bring that group up so it was a shock value kind of thing.