Sunday, April 05, 2009

He Bowed?

I am damn near speechless with rage. So much so, that I'm going to let Breda say it for me.

What kind of Moron did you sheeple elect? He gave DVD's to the British Prime Minister, oh, did we forget to mention that due to electronic coding, they're useless in Great Britain? He gave the Queen of England an IPod? He even let Michelle actually make physical contact? With the Queen of England? Is this some kind of fucking joke? He tells the Fwench that Americans are a little arrogant? Gee ya think Barry? We only saved their surrender-monkey asses in 2 World Wars, I think we may have earned that right where they're concerned.

Let's not wait the 4 years, let's vote this nit wit out of office before America is a bigger laughingstock than it was before he got elected.

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ohio right wing nut said...

Truly fucking disgusting, I am embarassed to have this idiot as our pResident.